dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Travelling Rider

I've been away this week visiting my son. He just completed his training course in the military and Edand were not missing the ceremony no matter what.  He had a struggle to get where he is and we couldn't be prouder.

Of course travelling in February is always a crapshoot and now we are stuck in the airport waiting for a later flight because ours was cancelled.  This led me to thinking how travelling really brings out whether
You know you're a horse person if:

1. As the plane begins its descent, you find yourself looking out the window for horse farms and riding schools.

2. Once you book your hotel you google map the nearest tack shops.  I found one about 3 kms from our hotel! I infor,Ed Ed and then said 'isn't that a nice coincidence?'  He looked sceptical about the 'coincidence' part.  Most likely because I booked the hotel.  But it was, I swear.  He was good natured about it and came with me. He even helped me pick out a new pair of white show breeches (not to get off track but a couple brands I tried on were see through! Does no one check these things?!). After he commented that he was surprised that I hadn't bought a saddle pad.  ( for reference http://journeywithadancinghorse.blogspot.ca/2014/08/retail-therapy.html).

'Especially the one that was $20' he added
I thought that you saw it.

I consoled myself that it probably wasn't a dressage pad.  After all I had bought breeches and a couple shirts.

Which brings me to

3.  If you leave room in your suitcase in case you get to the tack shop. L,et me just say I left the perfect amount of room.

4. If on vacation you look for horse activities to do: trail rides, shows to watch etc.  Cynthia and I are heading to Arizona with our husbands.  We've scouted out some options to ride in the dessert.  How cool will that be? I've managed to ride in Wicklow Ireland and London's Hyde Park.  The dessert is another bucket list riding destination.  That leaves Spain, Virginia fox hunt (or back in Ireland'
) and the Canadian Rockies.

And lastly

5. You know you're a travelling horse person is you have an actual "bucket list for riding"

Is there anything you would add?


  1. I do a lot of these same things. My husband is generally not interested in going to tack stores, but we do try to fit riding into our vacations somehow.

    1. it must be fun to enjoy riding together. Ed wouldn't normally go but we were headed somewhere else and it was on the way.

  2. You know you're a horse person if you find yourself wishing you weren't vacationing in (Insert exotic location) because you miss your horses.

    I have a horseback ride scheduled in Hawaii March 8th. And, I do have a very long bucket list of places I want to ride.

    Congratulations to your son! I was at my own son's military graduation last spring. I know how you feel. :)

    1. That's true- I do miss my horses a lot when I travel. (not that I do a lot of it)

  3. You know you're a traveling horseperson when you are wearing your cowboy boots & haven't even pack an alternative.

  4. That sounds very similar to how I travel! Congrats to you and your son on him completing his training :)

  5. Bucket list of places to ride, for sure! :) There are places I want to ride overseas, plus I also have a bucket list of places I want to ride here with my horse - these are camping rides that take a fair bit of organising, hence the wait and the list.

    One of the places I'd like to ride overseas is Northern Patagonia on a Criollo horse, and maybe India on a Marwari horse. What about riding in the Snowy Mountains in Australia - would you add that to your bucket list?

    1. That would totally be on my bucket list! I do plan to come back to Australia for another visit. I also forgot to add Iceland.


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