dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Horse You Need

I don't believe that people always get the horse they need- I've seen many people with the wrong horse. But that doesn't mean that a partnership can't be forged with time and effort. I've certainly put time in with Carmen since she came home almost a year ago.

Over a year ago my mother was a comfort to me when Steele died. The past two weeks Carmen has been a comfort for me in the wake of her death. I've been spending time n the barn grooming and basically puttering. She has been the most calm and quiet with me that she's ever been. As I groom her she stands perfectly still and enjoys the attention. There is no restlessness or other resistances. I find myself getting calm with her and before I know it time has passed and I feel lighter.

On Sunday I took the horses blankets off and did a photo shoot. They did not disappoint.
Irish still has it. 

does this pose look familiar? Look at the top of the blog
The weather has been warming and, after a massive rainstorm, the snow has all disappeared. Today was sunny and warm. I sent a text to Ed:
Is the ground frozen? 
oh good. So do you think I can ride?
a long pause in the texting
I just checked the ring. It's good. 

This is why I love that man. He actually walked up to the ring to check it for me.

I sent a text to Cynthia and she came heading down. Now I haven't ridden in over a month and Carmen has been a bit feisty out in the field.

She was good in the cross ties and walked beside me but I could feel her energy. At first on the lunge she was quiet and then I asked her to canter. She took off exuberantly. I laughed because I was expecting it. After a bit of cantering she tried to drag me up the ring but I quickly sorted that out. Within 10 minutes she was lunging like I had just done it yesterday.

I got on her and she never moved a muscle. When I first got on she was a bit tense so I just engaged my core and breathed. As we walked along she relaxed into it. I started asking her to bend and give. And she was right there with me. We didn't work on too much but we worked all around the ring (yes even by troll corner). When she became distracted I would ask her to bend to the inside and she did.

I asked her to pick up a trot and she balked a bit. I simply kept steady without getting after her. It was funny- we were gong by Irish and he was balking a bit. Cynthia gave him a tap with the crop and Carmen kicked at my foot. I had to giggle. But after that she trotted forward. We did serpentines and we did better changing to the left then to the right but that was likely me not supporting enough. I realized that I was not maintain the outside rein in the corners. Once I fixed that she settled much more into the contact without fussing.

I was so happy with how she was going that I aded for a canter-  I waited until she was forward and with my seat and then I just asked with a wee bump of my leg. She picked it right up and cantered forward for a few strides. I then felt her hesitate and think about it but I gave her praise and loosened my thighs and she cantered on.

I brought her back to a trot and finished up with a walk on a long rein. I hopped off and let her have some grass.

Later that evening I went back to the barn to put her blanket on and she gave me a nuzzle.

I know the weather won't last but I'm enjoying the moment.


  1. I love the similarities in the pictures. I'm glad she's working out so well for you.

  2. Carmen sure seems to be sensitive to your needs. How wonderful to be out cantering again! Beautiful photos.

  3. The photos are gorgeous! I'm glad that Carmen has been a comfort to you and that you were able to ride.

  4. What a good girl! Carmen knows how to make your heart a bit happier :)

  5. I'm so glad that Carmen is healing your heart yet again. She was certainly brought into your life for a purpose.


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