dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Attack of Snow Fence

I found the secret to not gaining weight over Christmas- just have the flu. I couldn't even drink wine! However, the family all pitched in and I 'directed' the cooking of Christmas dinner from my chair. It worked out well and dinner was delicious. It was very hard to look at the beautiful weather on Christmas day and not be able to ride. I've always loved riding on Christmas day but haven't been able to for the past few years. In the grand scheme of things it's not that big a deal. But still. Darn.

I'm finally feeling better. Just in time for a snowfall warning. So yay. This fall I bought a roll of snow fencing - I thought that if I ran it above the barn it would help lessen the drifting up against the barn doors and limit any shovelling/plowing in the small paddock. It's a hypothesis at this point. I hemmed and hawed yesterday because I still wasn't feeling great but after I brought the horses in I decided to put it up. I wrestled it on to hung it on temp fence posts. I left an opening for the horses and the idea is to put a section across the gate when there's going to be a major storm. That way I can keep open the gate after the storm.

This morning I opened their doors to the paddock to let them out.
Irish boggled.
Irish' Holy Crap! That wasn't there before!'
Carmen: 'Oh my god. Is it dangerous?'
Irish '*snort* I don't know. It looks dangerous'
Carmen "let me in your stall!'

Irish leapt out of his stall after which much milling about ensued. Heads were high, nostrils were flared they were getting into a tizzy.

Sighing I put down the water bucket and calmly walked out to the gate and stood on the other side. With a speed he hasn't shown in years Irish streaked by me. His tail stood up and he pranced about.
Irish 'oh.oh.oh. It almost touched me!'

I stood there calmly. Looking at me and then Irish Carmen came trotting out breaking into a gallop as she came through the gate. I'm thinking she has eventing potential....
Carmen 'are we safe?'
Me 'yes of course you are safe'
She lowered her head and started to crop at the little bits of grass that are left.
I carried on with the scrubbing of water buckets. When I looked out they were inspecting the snow fence like an elderly couple at a penny auction.

I filled up the bird feeders and headed out of the barn. Carmen was watching me on the other side of the snow fence. I stopped.
Carmen 'I'm being very brave. See.'
Me: 'yes I see that. Good for you. If you want hay you can cross the gate and get it. 
Carmen 'are you sure?'
Me 'very sure'

With that she walked down through the gate to the hay net. Where she started to eat. So not too bad a start to the day really.

(from last March)
I'm hoping we don't get too much of this! 


  1. Silly horses. Sorry about having the flu over Christmas.

  2. Delightful story! I felt as though I were watching it as it unfolded. Well told!

  3. Having the flu during Christmas is the worst. Love the story, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Sorry about the flu, but it sounds like all is well now. All the best for the new year. I did have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the good thoughts.


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