dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, October 2, 2015

Clothes Horse

When I had two gelding blankets were impossible. All that they wanted to do was to rip them off each other. While Irish does get a nice winter coat he required a lot of groceries to keep his weight on last winter. Carmen's weight is good but she's not a typical easy keeper Andalusian. Also, she's from Virginia so I want to make sure that she doesn't lose this winter. So I decided that I needed to invest in a winter blanket for my girl. 

The first step was to measure her. Cynthia helped me. As we held the tape she measure out at almost 80 inches. I didn't believe that was feasible. I made us repeat it 3 times. Each time it came out the same. Still not believing I brought her in and tried on one of Irish's blankets which was 78. It fit her but was a wee bit tight in the shoulders. I was flummoxed. I had no idea that she was that size. So I have ordered her a winter blanket. 

Earlier this week I was in a small local tack shop. I was looking for a cooler for her. I found a colourful fleece one that 81 inches for a great price so I picked it up. The timing was perfect because our weather has turned cold and rainy. Thursday morning it was rainy but warm so I put them out. By late afternoon it was cold and rainy. When I brought the horses in they were soaked and looked a little chilly. I put Irish's cooler on him and then went to get Carmen's. 

When I brought it into her stall her ears pricked up. 
Carmen: "ooh what's that?"
Me: "This is a new blanket I bought you. It will keep you warm"
Carmen: *sniffs it* "It looks rather loud. Do you think I can pull it off?"
Me: "oh yeah. Totally"

I put it on her while she turned to each side checking it out. It was adorable. I also felt that I should have brought a full length mirror for her.  I fastened up the belly straps. I was pleased to see how well it fit. 

Carmen looked at me. 
Carmen: "Are you sure it's not too much? Should I go for something more understated and classical?"
Me: "I think that you pull it off very well."
Carmen: "Well it is soft and cosy. It feels very nice and I'm warming up already."

I think that she looks good don't you? 

There's a whole new world of shopping opened up with owning a mare......


  1. Very striking Carmen, you definitely pull it off!

    Happy shopping:)

  2. I like it! I have all geldings, and they make a point to destroy every blanket I buy for them. I've just given up and buy ugly old used ones.

  3. Wow! She looks quite snazzy in her new blanket. Great colors for her.

  4. Lucy loves her clothes too. It must be a girl thing. And Carmen totally rocks that cooler.

  5. Very nice bright cooler! What kind of blanket do you find fits her shoulders?

    1. It's from Pleasant Ridge the 'Canadian Horsewear' blanket. it has a high cut shoulder


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