dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What to do when the weather won't cooperate.

The weather since we've been home from our trip has been a yo-yo. If it's warm it's raining- hard. If it's not raining it's freezing cold. In the past week the temperature has fluctuated from 12 above to 12 below. It's making it hard to adjust to coming home. I find myself looking at photos from Australia- where it's getting warmer not colder.
warm seas and sunshine. sigh

I've been able to ride a grand total of 3 times since returning. It's weather like this that makes me long for an indoor. However, that is not likely to happen unless I win the lottery. And if I understand how that works I would need to buy a ticket first.

Irish has been been trying to help me by coating himself with mud.
Irish "see, now you're not bored"
Me: "no I'm just coughing"
Irish: "well nothing is perfect" 

Another way to occupy the time is on-line shopping for a new bridle. Steele has outgrown his cob sized bridle. I'm having a hard time finding a replacement. Which is, I know, ridiculous. I mean how hard could it be? I love the hunter style bridles but they only seem to be brown. The 'dressage' bridles all come with flashes and I don't want a flash. I know I can take it off, but I would be irritated by the little holder on the nose band. I have a flash attachment for Irish's bridle and use it when I'm hacking out. But I don't want to put a flash on Steele. I've actually started saving to have one made. But in the meantime I need something to school in. I have his current bridle on the last holes and it's workable but not ideal. I don't want it to rub or pinch.
love this, but it only comes in brown
So while I scan the internet does anyone have some ideas for me?

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  1. I wish I could help you on the bridle shopping but I'm clueless at any kind of shopping hehe. I hope someone can help you. Steele is growing up! :D I hope the weather settles down soon.


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