dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Companion

As I said in my previous post Irish has also been profoundly affected by the sudden loss of his buddy.  We had to give him a sedative in his feed to keep him from running the fence line. This took the edge off but he was still terribly lonely. He spent his day moping by the barn (often in Steele's stall), staring over the fence line into the next field and moping down by Steele's grave. It was heart breaking to watch.  Friends of mine who live nearby offered me a loan of a horse for Irish.  I did not want another horse and I was definitely not ready to see another horse is Steele's stall but that was not the point. The point was that I would be letting Irish suffer because of my own pain. So I agreed.

The next hurdle was going to pick up the horse. The idea of trailering a horse and holding it's life in my hands seemed to be more than I could do. So I called a friend who has tons of experience trailering. He said he would help. When he arrived Ed had the trailer all hooked up. My friend said 'you might as well drive there. I'll be with you.' I looked at him but agreed. So I climbed in. After all, the trailer was empty, what could go wrong? By the time we arrived it was pitch dark and I was trying to figure out how to back up the trailer. Seriously. I back it up all the time but I couldn't wrap my head around it. So my friend asked if I wanted him to do it. I said yes and he backed it up like a pro.

When we loaded up the horse my friend told me 'I'm not sure how to drive your truck so you better do it." That was, of course, a lie that I saw through but decided to give it a go. And so began the slowest trailer ride in history. I was so careful that the progress was practically glacial. But we made it.

Ed was in the barn with Irish waiting. He said that as soon as I drove up his head came up and the dull look in his eye disappeared. I brought in his new barn buddy and with tears in my eyes put her in Steele's stall.

So meet Lexie. A little quarter horse mare on loan to Irish.  She is sweet and gentle and with the kindest eye. 

The next morning I put halters on both of them, tied up d'Arcy and  turned them out together while I did the chores. They got along famously from the beginning. Irish spent that first day staying within 10 feet of Lexie all day. He showed her around the paddock. 

A horrible picture from my iPhone but it shows Irish feeling much perkier
I spied them both staring over the fence at the next pasture.
Lexie: "that looks like good grass over there"
Irish: "yes. It's very good. You will love it"
Lexie: "how do we get over there?"
Irish: "we can't. The servant blocks it off when the weather turns cold. She won't open it until the weather turns warm again."
Lexie: "why can't we go now?"
Irish: "I don't know. She says something about saving the grass and hooves and winter. To be honest I don't really listen"
Lexie: "Servants are weird"
Irish: "Ain't that the truth?"

My heart feels better seeing Irish returning to himself. He and I have been through a lot together over the years and he deserves to be coddled. Lexie gives me breathing room so I don't have to make any decisions soon.


  1. Lexie has a sweet look to her.
    I hope it gets just a little easier as time goes by...

  2. They look very sweet together. I'm glad your friend knew what to do to get you to trailer your loan horse home. Very sneaky.

    You sound like you're a little better. I'm glad. Xo

  3. Aww this made me cry again. I love the picture of them touching noses. I love their matching stars. I'm glad he's feeling better. I wish there was such a simple way to heal your broken heart. I'm still thinking about you. *hugs*

  4. I'm so glad it is working out and that Irish is feeling better.

  5. "the servant" *chuckle*

    You are a good horseman - to bring home another horse because you put your horse first before your emotions. Irish misses Steele, but having a pretty girl around will definitely help him keep his mind off of things. xox

  6. She looks very sweet and should give Irish some comfort being there. Even though it was hard to go and get her you did the right thing for Irish and I'm sure he thanks you.

  7. Glad you did the pulling and that Irish has a companion. Just a thought for down the road - horses and goats often make great companions, and it will let you take all the time you need about making other decisions. One tiny step at a time...you will get there. Think of you and Steele a lot, though we have not ever met. I can imagine how hard that choice was to put the mare in Steele's stall...that is true love and the mark of a superb horsewoman.

  8. I always get a kick out of your horse conversations. I am glad Irish has a new friend.

  9. What a sweet little mare. And Irish looks happy. I'm glad you found a way to have a companion for him without the trauma of horse hunting/buying while you are still grieving for Steele.

  10. Irish and Lexie look like they are getting along well. It must have been so hard to bring a new horse in so soon but you were strong enough to do the right thing for Irish. Sending a million hugs!

  11. So happy he has a friend now! Keeping you in my thoughts :)

  12. It was so heartbreaking to watch Grayson, our ~12 month old Lusitano, mourn his Buddy's passing. He did the same thing -- mopping around the grave and the stall, over and over and over. Glad to know that it is typical I guess. He had another buddy, but it did not help him. He did not go back to being a silly baby until we got our pony Oak.


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