dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chapter 3: Crisis Averted

I used to be amazed at how much stuff I had to pack to take my babies out for just a few hours. However, that was a piece of cake compared to going away to a horse show.

Earlier in the week Ed suggested that I would not need the truck for the weekend since I was paying someone to haul Steele. I didn't even try to hide my laughter. He was a bit peeved but I did point out that putting hay in the volkswagon might not be the best idea.
"oh you need to bring your own hay?"
"yes dear I do"

I began making up my list a few days before (thank heavens for Iphone apps):

  • saddle, girth, bridle
  • extra pair of reins
  • 2 saddle pads
  • 3 bales of hay
  • 2 bales of shavings
  • feed
  • feed tub, water bucket
  • strap to hang the water bucket
  • hook for bridle and halter
  • extra halter and leads
  • grooming kit
  • show sheen
  • braiding equipment
  • bucket for bathing
  • pitchfork
  • broom
  • wheelbarrow
  • saddle rack
  • lunge whip and line
  • towel
  • sweat scraper
  • fly spray
  • hairspray
  • big plastic tote on wheels to hold a bunch of the stuff listed above
  • carrots. god, don't forget the carrots!

And that's not even my stuff. When I left the truck was packed to the brim. In fact, if I didn't have Cynthia I think that it would have taken a lot longer. She has the gift of being able to pack like it's a giant 3D puzzle. I just kept handing her stuff and watching it disappear. 

When I arrived I set up Steele's stall. I realized then that I had forgotten to bring water from our place. Sometimes horses don't like strange water and will refuse to drink. In my defense for forgetting I was still recovering from the flu and Irish never refused water. Since Steele is less of a fuss-bucket than Irish I figured that we would be okay. However, by 1:00 he still hadn't drank anything. I watched him sniff the water and turn away repeatedly. I began to fret. He hadn't had a drink since 7:30 that morning. Some people gave suggestions of putting apple juice or a sweetener in the water but that has never been successful. 

I was beginning to think that I needed to drive home and pick up some water but I decided to try one more thing. I took a flake of hay and I soaked it. Once it was completely soaked and dripping I put it in his stall. I figured that if he ate it he would get some fluid that way. I was pleased to see him hoe right into it. Thirty minutes later and he drank half of his bucket! Yay. Success. I think that eating the hay allowed him to get used to the taste of the water. After that he drank like he normally does and there were no further issues. 

How long is your list? 


  1. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, when we travel, we stay awhile. Therefore I end up packing the entire tack room, because, you know... you might need it!

    Last trip off island, Val required a number of items from the medical kit, and his boots. It was nice to be prepared and not have to hunt up someone to borrow from, or pay exorbitant emergency vet prices.

    Re the last post - I always bring water from home, and so far it's never been an issue. I'm certain the first time I skip that step he'll refuse to drink.

    Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Yikes I'm glad you figured out a solution. Chrome won't drink or well water.... I never thought to soak the hay. You're right that the kool aid and sweeteners don't work..


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