dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Getaway with the Girls

Last weekend was my second trip to Broadleaf Ranch in New Brunswick. It's an annual trek with a bunch of horse loving women. I know a few of them but most I only saw last year at the trip.

We stayed at the Chalet which can sleep up to 24 (I think). It's up in the woods and nicely isolated. There's a huge hot tub on the deck and beautiful view (if you like hills and pine trees).

We had a new addition to the weekend. I invited a person that up to now, I only knew on FB. But I figured that she would be a lot of fun and I was right. Not only was she was a funny as on FB but I felt instantly comfortable with her.

Not only do we drink wine and eat (we all bring munchies) but meals were included. The food was incredible and far too much to eat at one sitting (not that I didn't try). I don't worry about how much I eat because there's also riding.

On saturday, after a hearty (and early) breakfast, we headed to the stable to get our horses. These horses are various breeds (largely draft and QH crosses) that know their job and are very safe. I was checking out the horses to see who I wanted when I saw the cutest bay face looking at me with interest. "I want this one" I said. Not that he was the prettiest or nicest put together horse, but he wasn't looking bored but seemed to be checking me out. Turns out I was right. He was quite responsive to my aids and man, did he love to gallop. I had to hold him back during the canter parts because he just wanted to go. Part of me wanted to just let him go and let him show me what he had but I figured that wouldn't be the safest thing.

We rode up into the hills and then down to the dikes. We stopped at noon to have lunch and then back to the barn. After 5 hours in a hard western saddle I really really really appreciated the hot tub.

I have to say that large social events with people I barely know are difficult for me. I usually feel like a duck in a hen house- large, awkward and given to being too loud. But with these ladies I found it easy to relax and be myself.  We talked family and horses all weekend. It was fabulous. Once I knew that Steele was fine I was able to relax - something that I really needed.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I'm the same way about social situations with people I don't know well, but thankfully horse people are awesome! :-)


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