dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So How Smart is Steele Anyway?

I know I've been writing about how quick Steele catches on to stuff- even stuff I wish he wouldn't figure out.

Anyway tonight I was doing a bunch of chores- feeding, mucking, refilling water buckets etc. The dogs were hanging around, like always and I will confess that I was a bit lost in thought. When the barn chores were done I went and got the tractor so I could take the muck cart down and empty it.  My manure pile is a ways away from the barn. While I was emptying the cart I couldn't see Belle, my Aussie. I figured she was in the woods looking for squirrels and rabbits. I finished dumping the manure and went back up to the barn.

My next chore was to look for the shoe that Irish managed to get off. I realized that I still couldn't see Belle. A slight worry began to develop in the back of my brain.  I decided to carry on with looking for the shoe with the idea she would realize I wasn't down at the pile and come find me. Luck was with me and I found the shoe right away. But still no Belle.

I called her and looked around. She didn't come back. The worry was starting to grow and pulse a wee bit but I was mostly annoyed that she would wonder off for so long. She's usually right by my side. I went and put the tractor away and then picked up the mail.

No sign of her. I'm now a bit annoyed and getting really worried.

"Belle SUPPER" I call. d'Arcy (my border collie) starts running around looking for her. He circles back to me. I call again. He runs around and then into the barn. I'm now actively working on NOT worrying. I try to decide if I should go in and make supper and wait for her to return. I push all thoughts of reasons 'why' she hasn't returned out of my head but they keep creeping back. I decide to call a little more.

Steele begins to nicker at me. And then call. I decide to go in and give him a pat. As I walk by the tack room door I stop.  

I wonder.....
I open the tack room door and Belle pops out like a jack-in-the-box. I had accidentally shut her in the room without realizing it.

I walk up to Steele and give him a pat. He nuzzles my hair.
"better now?"
"yes, thank you"

My question for you is: Did he know or was he just looking for a carrot?

I can't believe that you locked me up


  1. I read on another blog where one dog learned something just by passivley watching another dog do it. The only reward the first dog ever got was a verbal "good girl" yet the second dog also started to it too. They are smarter than some give thdm credit for. My horses also learn new behavior by watching me work with the others.

  2. Poor Belle!! I'm glad you found her. It's so scary when they disappear like that!

    Does Steele always nicker at you or was that new? Even if he didn't know you were looking for Belle he still knew by the way you were acting that something was wrong, so he may have just been reassuring you like we reassure them. :D

    1. you are probably right. Steele does nicker at me often. Most often around feeding time. That boy does love to eat.

    2. Chrome does the same thing and it's still cute even if I know it's just because he wants food hehe. :D


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