dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Irish teaches a lesson

A week or so ago I stopped on my way home from the city and watched a friend's daughter ride in a lesson. The horse she was riding was a cute sorrel QH (I think QH, I could be wrong) but he was so rigid. I watched a horse that was stiff from nose to tail and would not bend. Common enough in horses that are defending their backs and mouths from riders at different levels. The young woman was riding him well and softly but she was hitting her head on a wall getting him to bend.

I thought on what I saw and then spoke to my friend. I was a little worried because I didn't want to come off as criticizing in any way. But what I was thinking that was that Irish also can be stiff. But he knows how to respond to suppling and I thought that he could help her learn some skills to supple a horse that she could transfer to the horse she was riding. Fortunately, no offense was taken and we made a date- friday. And since they were driving from away I figured that they might as well stay for supper. And in that case Dad might as well come to and entertain Ed. I was a little worried earlier in the week because the weather became cold again (seriously, will winter never leave?). However, thursday my ring was bare and soft so we went ahead.

Now Irish has rarely been ridden by others. Not that I refuse to let others ride him but I'm very very careful about it. One thing is that given his past issues and his sensitivity I don't want him hurt. And because he's sensitive he's not a 'beginner' horse and I don't want a person hurt.

On friday, I hurried home from work, changed my clothes and brought Steele up to the ring to work first (more on that later). I then groomed Irish who seemed to have spent a large part of his day grinding mud into his long winter coat. They came just as I was finishing. We tacked him up and headed to the ring.

I really enjoyed it. The young lady was a great listener and tried very hard to do whatever I was suggesting. Irish was wonderful as well. Given that he's only been ridden a few times this winter I was pleased. It's always fun to watch your horse go- it gives you a perspective that you can't get riding. He seemed to take his role as 'teacher' very seriously. When she asked properly he responded as he should. When she didn't he didn't. We talked about lateral and longitudinal suppling, corners and leg yields. I won't bore you with the details but we all had a good time.

Irish was quite pleased to be the center of attention rather than play second fiddle to the baby. The 'baby' was stuck down in the barn and periodically let his thoughts on this be known. We all ignored him.

I was glad that my instincts were correct that Irish and her would get along.

She's welcome back anytime.
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  1. How cool! Irish should definitely teach her again.

  2. What a handsome picture of Irish!! He's such a good boy. I'm glad the lesson went well. :D


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