dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Enjoying the Warm Sun

Monday after working with Steele I had lunch. After I headed out to get Irish for a ride. Every time I go outside I automatically look for the horses to see what they are doing. I spied this:

I quietly changed course to the car where I had left my camera. Like any good paparazzi I began to snap photos as I advanced on my target
Irish: uh oh, here she comes.
Steele: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
what? you wore me out and the sun feels so good
I didn't want him to get up but I thought he was so cute. But I should have known- he always comes to me in the field.
okay. where's my carrot? 

After I rode Irish (it went very well and no sign of soreness so far. 
Later that day at the office water cooler.....

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  1. Awww he's so adorable!! Don't you love catching them laying down?? I only approached Chrome once when he was laying down as a yearling, then after that he always got up to come see me. Now that we've moved here and I can see him from my window I know exactly when his nap times are. Now he stays down while I approach. I try to get pictures, give him a scratch and then leave so he can doze back off. Sometimes he still gets up, but most of the time he dozes back off. He loves his sunny naps. :)


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