dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Temper Temper

As you know my two horses are turned out together. I do however, separate them to work with one and they are quite used to it.

Last night was a lovely spring night (for a change) and the mud that the horses had so carefully ground into their coat was nice and dry. Rather then scrape it off in the barn and get dust everywhere I decided to take them outside to remove it. It also gave me a chance to let them have some of the green grass. Their winter paddock is so ripped up that there's very little grass in there. When the grass comes in the other paddocks I will move them and repair it.

Anyway, I took Steele out first. He quite happily dropped his head and ate the grass while I cleaned the mud off. Irish was calm and quiet in his stall.  However, when it was Irish's turn Steele was not impressed. He whinnied forlornly. Irish remained stoic though and stuck to the task at hand- cropping the grass. With no repsonse from Irish, Steele became increasingly plaintive. We however, remained hard hearted and left him all alone.

I began to walk Irish back when *BANG*

The little bugger kicked the wall. Of course I couldn't go back then so we walked on by. Irish was quite willing to head to the grass. It seems that he's quite willing to have a break from his charge.

When all was calm in the barn we came back. Steele was not impressed. He snuffled at me quite forlornly.

"you left me all alone. It was awful. Don't ever ever do that again"

Of course, now I have to.

But we'll let him figure that one out for himself.


  1. They are just like kids aren't they?

    1. the more you live with animals the more you realize that they are not that much different from us.

  2. Oh Steele!! Definitely time to cut the umbilical cord lol.


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