dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's a wonder that any work gets done

I have been told that Andalusians are very people oriented but I didn't appreciate how much until Steele came home. It's been interesting. When he first came he was curious but a bit reserved. I got the sense of 'and who are you?' Now he's definitely bonded to me and my husband Ed. With me he's quite well behaved. With Ed he's fairly well behaved. To use an analogy, Ed is the substitute teacher.

I am currently on vacation. I love being home. In the mornings I've been coming out to feed and then going back into the house for coffee. I then ride Irish before the heat sets in. After I turn them out and then clean the stalls. Today as I was cleaning Steele came down for a visit. Keep in mind he's leaving the green pasture to hang with me in the dirt paddock and stall. The visit went like this:
Steele: "Hey watcha doing?"
Me "cleaning"
"let me sniff. Oh that's mine but who's is this?" snuffle snuffle
"Hey, can I dump this out to check it over?"
"alright alright. You know you really should lighten up a bit."
He then came between me and the manure bucket and just happened to put the itchy part of his head in close proximity. He even closed his eyes in anticipation. What else could I do? I scratched.
'ahhh that feels so good."

I then moved over to the large water trough.
Steele, sniffs and curls his lip "oh that's stale"
I dump it out. He backs up, ears pricked.
I grab the hose and the scrub brush and scrub it out.
"whatcha doing now? can I try? oh that end is prickly. why don't you use it to scratch my neck? Ah much better'
I finish scrubbing the trough and turn on the hose. He stares, mesmerized at the water as it flows out. Every now and then he puts his nose in the stream and then snorts. Normally I leave the hose to fill up while I get other things done. However, as I contemplated this a number of images ran through my head.

The primary one was of Steele picking up the hose and chasing me with it. "Remember yesterday when you hosed me with this? Well how do you like it? Huh?"

So I stayed by the trough. And because my hands were free I scratched him some more with the brush.

I am doomed.


  1. Steele sounds like he has a wonderful personality. He reminds me of Jackson.

  2. yes, he's quite a character. We should have lots of fun over the next few years.

  3. Oh my gosh that soooo totally brings back memories of when Chrome was a baby!!! You're making me miss him being that age lol. Awwwww! Steele is so adorable! I agree that Andalusians (and Friesians and other baroque breeds) are very people oriented. That's one reason I love Friesians so much and I'm thrilled that Chrome inherited that personality from his dad. :D People are always amazed that Chrome will leave grass/hay to come see me. I'm so happy you're loving having an Andalusian. I would like to have one someday (after I get a purebred Friesian of course since they are my favorite) and a Lusitano. Heck I'll take one of every baroque breed LOL! I just love them.

    I really enjoy the way you write stories about Steele. :D I never thought about writing from Chrome's point of view when he was a baby. :D


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