dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which Steele has a bath

Today was stinking hot- in the 30's. Add in the humidity and it really was too hot to do anything strenuous.

I am sure that my American friends are laughing hysterically at the sweltering Canadian.. but I digress.

I am taking Irish away for the upcoming weekend. A few dressage lovers are getting together for a fun time with the horses. Of course I can't take him dirty so he needs a bath. And since he's getting a bath, I decided that it was time for Steele and I to pass that hurdle. I am not sure if he's ever had a bath but I have been getting him used to the hose.

When I came in the house to change for this endeavour I went to say hi to my husband. He said that he was bored.
 Not to let the grass grow under my feet, I said in my most sprightly voice "Do you want to help me bathe the horses?"
And because he's so innocent he said 'sure'.

I got the hose and suds ready and Ed put the halter on Steele and brought him outside. Steele is funny with the hose: some dancing around and then stock still. It's like he's saying: 'oh-oh-oh, stop it, it tickles' and then 'ahh but it feels nice there'. However, every time  it's a bit better and he's getting the picture that I want him to stand still.
Then it was time for the suds. He quite liked that part- except for the tail washing- he wasn't too keen on that. In no time he was washed and rinsed and enjoying the breeze.

Irish of course was easy. He's had so many baths that he knows the drill. He even enjoys them.

And of course you need to see the shiny, squeaky clean horses. The Border Collie is a bonus.

Doesn't Irish look good?

Before I enticed them out to the field for the Photo Shoot they seemed  a bit cautious:


  1. Irish has such a shiny coat! I think chestnuts have the prettiest coats. No other color picks up the shine quite as much. That last picture is great.

  2. Good boy Steele! They both look fabulous after their baths. I can't wait to read about Steele's outing. I never did get to take Chrome anywhere except for the vet LOL. Dumb trailer. :(

    Chrome did that freeze thing with the bath too. He never really did dance around when he was younger (he makes up for it now if he's not in the mood for a bath lol), but you could tell he didn't like it much. He still isn't incredibly enthused about it. You can tell it makes him feel better when he's super hot, but that's about all he likes about it lol. Don't know why. He just isn't a water baby I guess. He does love to play with the hose though. He bites the end and lets his mouth fill with water before letting go and spitting it out. Very helpful for when he needs his mouth rinsed hehe. His least favorite part is the tail washing too. Especially the rinsing. When the water runs under his tail he hunches up his back. Poor guy.

  3. Oh and I'm glad I'm not the only one who refuses to take a dirty horse somewhere. :D I even clean him up for the vet and farrier lol. My boy must always look his best hehe. I'm a bit OCD I guess. :D


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