dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fly

I am posting this story at the request of a friend on Facebook:
I had just finished riding Irish and had him cooling in the cross ties. All of a sudden Acero comes flying into his stall, dancing around, shaking his head, banging against the stall door. 
Me: "Steele what are you doing?"
Acero: 'owowowowow. getitOFF!'

Me (in a stern voice): 'Steele stop it!'
Acero goes flying out of his stall and into Irish's. Further dancing ensues. 
Me: "Irish do you know what's going on?"
Irish: "sigh"
Acero: "OW!!!GETITOFF!!!!!"
I suddenly spy the horse fly on his wither.
Acero: 'thankyou! You are AWESOME, The best really.'
me to Irish "Does this happen often"
Irish "you have no idea!" I am sure that he rolled his eyes too!
Acero: "is it supper time yet? I think it's supper time. I'm hungry. I'm sure it's supper time. Can we eat now? how about now? Now?'
Me: 'yes, now.'


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your journey with Steele.. When I was shopping for Winston, my list looked very similar to yours.

    1. Oh good. I've been enjoying you stories of Winston.

  2. LMAO!!! Steele sounds like a character! I'm looking forward to watching him grow and reading your progress together. I'm almost as excited for you as I was for myself when I first got Chrome lol. :D


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