dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Adventure Begins

It's hard to know where to start this story. As with most life stories it has roots and tendrils into various parts of mine and other peoples lives. I think though I will choose to start this when my husband and I moved into our renovated farmhouse in the country. I built a barn and brought home my TB/QH cross Irish Gold. Part of  the dream of having my horse at home involved a second horse. I had my heart set on purchasing a young horse. There were lots of reasons but when you scrape them all away it had to do with a dream of raising my own. I had previous experience in purchasing a 2 year old and a 3 year old but never a baby. I made a list of what I wanted. Okay, truth be told I made multiple lists. The first one was a list of favourite breeds. I had decided I wanted a warmblood.  I spent a long time looking and it seemed that there was always something not quite right. So I made changes to my list and finally arrived at my final list:

  1. gelding (I already had a gelding and it seemed easier to have two)
  2. between 15'3 and 16'2 in height. I didn't need a giant of a horse. 
  3. temperament was key- I wanted a sensible and brave horse. One who can be taken into new situations without freaking out
My other list was what I wanted to do with this horse:
  1. ride dressage
  2. hack out - this was a must. I love to ride in the woods and trails
  3. show, but this is a small piece. I show to have fun and see how I'm doing
  4. go to clinics and other events. 
I was starting to get frustrated in my search when a friend contacted me. She breeds Andalusian horses and they had a young colt for sale. She thought I should come and look. I decided to go but really wasn't thinking I wanted a Baroque style of horse. And I definitely didn't want a grey. The idea of grooming a grey horse with a long mane filled me with horror. But I went. And I fell in love. He was perfect. His temperament seemed to suit me down to the ground. I liked his movement. My friend let me ride her Andalusian mare. I was impressed. Not only was she comfortable but she was so tuned in- really trying to figure out what I wanted. I went home and reflected and asked to come for a second look. This time I dragged my husband along. Actually he came willingly. I liked him even more the second time. And then the deal was made and my fate was sealed. His name is DC Acero. 'Acero' is Spanish for 'Steele'. 
Irish and Acero meeting
This blog will be a place to chronicle my journey with this horse. Based on early signs it will be quite the adventure. But we'll save that for another blog entry. :)


  1. Beautiful, I am already sniffling.

    1. Smartass! Don't worry I'll let you have a ride on Irish. :-)

  2. Yay! I'm so happy he has his own blog. Welcome to the Baroque lovers club! There really is nothing like them. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also just have temperaments you can't beat. :) I can't wait to follow along as you grow together. Cherish each moment because you won't believe how quickly it goes! I got Chrome at five months old and he's three already. It seems like just yesterday that I went and picked up that adorable weanling. My reasons for getting a weanling were different from yours (affordability and I'd had my confidence crushed and wanted a baby I could raise so I could learn to trust again), but I have to say raising a baby has been the most amazing experience! I love Chrome like I've never loved any other horse. We have such a close bond and he's everything I ever wanted in a horse. Although (and I had to laugh at the similarity) I also DID NOT want a gray and yep, I ended up with one. It has been a lot of fun watching his color change over the years though and it has grown on me. :) I think by the time he's "white" I won't mind anymore. Anyway sorry for the long comment, I'm just excited. :D


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