dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, September 4, 2023

Carmen's Perspective: Show Recap

 Hello internet fans, Carmen here. I am jumping on to give you my side of the weekend before the servant comes on and gets all philosophical and wordy.  

Quaid: Can I tell it? I was there too! 

Carmen: shush! You were just along for the ride. 

It's important for a mare to take things 
into her own hooves. 

First of all I knew something was up because the moving stall has been parked by the barn. Then when I had a bath I was pretty sure and when she put me in a blanket for overnight the jig was up. It was hard to sleep that night in that stupid blanket and I cannot be held responsible for how dirty I managed to get underneath of it. After all she should invest in better clothes, don't you agree? 

I was not happy to be sprayed and then hosed with cold water first thing the next morning and I made sure that she knew it. I mean, really! 

Then she took me to the moving stall (she calls it a trailer but I've never seen it on a trail so....). I did not want to leave Quaid but I am a lady so I walked right on and then called loudly so he would know I hadn't forgotten him. The servant must have understood me because she brought him out. She'll try to tell you that that was her plan but we know different. She thinks she's all smart because Quaid walked right on but it was because I told him to. 

Carmen: make sure you don't 
eat all the hay

We all know that she has a habit of taking us place and doing different things and I hate surprises. When we arrived I knew that it was a show we were doing and completely relaxed. After making sure our accommodations were in tip top shape she put on my tack and took me to the ring. I know this now, we go in, I behave so she's happy and stops. But first I have to  be a little difficult so that she doesn't take me for granted. 

The ring was dusty and people came in to hose it off while we were working. I kept one eye on it to make sure I didn't get sprinkled (see hating surprises above) but figured if I was what she calls 'behaved' then we'd finish sooner. And we did. So that was good. 

Teresa: I never thought that shed be so calm
being ridden past a person spraying

Quaid: I didn't like when you went away. I get bored with no one to talk to. 

Carmen: just suck it up, at least you weren't bathed and forced to work. 

how can you leave this face?

Overnight she put a different blanket on me and it kept me clean. That made her happy and lord knows I just want her to be happy. She was late in the morning. Don't tell me that horses can't tell time because we totally can. Other horse's servants were there and gave us hay but not our grain, no matter how many times I tried to explain to them. Humans are so dumb. 

In the morning she took us out to graze on the grass. I got impatient with waiting for her to get Quaid ready so I went out of the barn and started snacking. But someone saw me and yelled 'loose horse!' 

No one likes a rat, Karen! (Teresa: literally her name was karen, not trying to malign anyone with that name.  Carmen: whatever). The servant came out and told her she was here and it was fine. But honestly I am fine on my own. I know what I'm doing. I don't why I even need that rope attached. 

Teresa: dropped the lines for a quick photo. Honest. 

After two nights of captivity she packed everything up and took us home.  She seemed pretty tired so I'm not sure what the point of it all was. I mean it's not like she can't ride here. 

Teresa: but what about the actual show stuff? 

Carmen: fine! I went in the ring, the person sitting at the table rang a bell, I went around and was magnificent. The servant got some satin and was happy. Her coach was happy. 
The end. 

Teresa: but that's not enough detail. 
Carmen: well you're going to have to fill in the details. I don't have time for that. 

I have some grazing to catch up on

Teresa: *sigh* okay, I'll fill everyone in tomorrow. 


  1. what a cliffhanger, sounds like congratulations are in order!!! can't wait to hear the details :D

    1. Lol, Carmen says that she covered the important stuff. :)

  2. I love your horse voice stories! Still have fond memories of the stallion on PEI cantering on the beach « I take care of you senora » 😂 Its like modern Black Beauty!

  3. I have a feeling Carmen's voice is scarily accurate! Looking forward to the human recap as well.

  4. Good job Carmen! Sounds like you had a fun time away with your little brother.

  5. Ah Carmen, love your version of events!


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