dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Summer Wrap Up

This summer has been a bit unbelievable with all the events going on. Right now I am sitting in my living room on the couch listening to Tropical Storm Lee (formerly known as Hurricane Lee), blowing outside my window. So far we've been fortunate- trees are still standing and our power is on (unlike the over 136,000 without power). September storms are not unusual but they have definitely ramped up in intensity. After everything else that has happened this summer it seems a bit like adding insult to injury. 

it's funny because it's true (lol*sob)

The horses are tucked in safely. Carmen has some opinions on the quality of room service and Quaid is feeling a bit stir-crazy but they are fine.  I think if I wasn't retired I'd be a lot more frustrated in trying to find good weather for riding. 

Friday was warm and calm and I took full advantage by riding Carmen, working Quaid and meeting a friend for an ice cream treat. 

S'more ice cream. Soooo good

Quaid is doing really well with our training. The flies are driving him bonkers so not all our sessions are as productive as I'd like. The gnats are really bad with all the wet. But when I do work him he soaks it up like a sponge. Our steering is coming along. His 'whoa' is very good but standing for a longer than five seconds is a struggle. I am no worried, it's coming. 

Me: can you stand awkwardly for a photo? 
Quaid: you betcha

Both horses have decided to mess with my morning routine. Normally I feed them and go get my coffee. I then turn them out and clean the stalls. Lately they've not wanted to leave but instead hang out in the stalls. It's a real PITA because they get in my way. I've started shooing them out and closing the door behind them. They are not impressed. 

Carmen: We are outraged at this treatment!
Quaid: yes, we are OUTSIDE! 
Carmen: no, it's outraged
Quaid: Oh right- we are raged outside! 
Carmen: *sigh* no no no: OUTRAGED
Quaid: ohhhh. Carmen, what does 'outraged' mean? 
Carmen: that we are really really angry
Quaid: well I'm a little sad but I can't say I'm angry
Carmen: you don't have to be angry, you just have to convince the servant you are outraged
Quaid: why? 
Carmen: so she'll change her behaviour. It's called 'horse training'
Quaid: I thought horse training was us learning things. 
Carmen: no skippy, it's the horse training the human to be a better a servant. Now get your outraged face on . 
Quaid: how does this look? 
Me: adorable. 
Carmen: I hate working with amateurs
Me: I think that when you start cleaning your own stalls you can stay in as long as you like

In really happy news Quaid is now back to being barefoot. The last time the farrier came out a couple weeks ago his hoof was totally normal so we decided we could pull his shoes. I watched him pretty carefully and he's still 100% sound. I am so grateful that the hoof puncture nightmare is all behind us. 

if this doesn't warm your heart it's dead

Fall is coming and, to be honest, I'd like a couple frosts to kill off the bugs. That way we can enjoy working the horses without being tortured. 


  1. Gorgeous picture!! And so much hooray for Quaid, what a journey and happy ending, thank goodness!!!

    1. Thank you! I feel like there should be a party. 😁

  2. ok but that ice cream cone legit looks insanely indulgent omg. horses look good too ;)

    1. It really was. Each week they have a new flavour. And it’s dairy free but you’d never know!

  3. I'm glad the storm wasn't too hard on you guys! And yay for barefoot for Quaid!
    The storm passed by us here in CT by a few miles, but we did have a blustery day on Saturday. No damage, just spooky rides!

    1. Most damage here was from wind and surf along the shore. There were roads that had to be plowed to clear the rocks and debris thrown up by the water.

  4. I hear you about the flies. I find myself wishing away the warm days sometimes, too. The flies are awful. Quaid is coming along very nicely and that’s wonderful he’s barefoot again. What a scare.

    1. Normally we have a breeze which keeps them down but it’s been very still lately (hurricane Lee being the exception). I am so happy that he’s barefoot.

  5. Good looking ice cream cone(and horses too!). So nice Quaid is able to be barefoot now. What a saga for you!

  6. SO glad to hear Quaid is fully healed! Congratulations!

  7. It has been a lot, but y'all have had a good one even still! It makes me so happy to see you working and traveling with both horses. And I am still drooling over that summer day and ice cream! Everyone is feeling fall a bit. Cheers to it, I too am ready.

    1. It has been a lot and also good in so many ways. That ice cream was so delicious.


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