dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Nothing to Prove

You may recall that, this spring, I was complaining bitterly of the weather. It seemed that we had never ending rain and cold. Then in July it became hot and we've have very little rain. The pastures are dry. But we're finally getting some rain thanks to Tropical Storm Erin.

I was a little worried that it would make trailering to the show nasty, but it's supposed to blow over by early Friday. This morning the sky was an eerie orange colour. Just before I let the horses out the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. At which point, both horses decided that they were fair weather horses and I was cruel to open the door and expose them to the elements.
Me: okay, off you go to frolic in the fields. 
Irish: In this hurricane? 
Me: um, it's just rain. Summer rain.
Carmen: this is ridiculous. I cannot endure such conditions. I demand hay in my stall. 
Me: But your ancestors roamed the plains in weather much worse than this. 
Irish: um I was born on a cattle farm.....
Carmen: *ahem* I believe you will find that I am descended from the noble baroque horses who roamed the deserts. 
Me: You were born in Virginia...
Carmen: you're the one who brought up ancestry 
Me: well yes...bu-
Carmen: and I was simply pointing out the flaw in your reasoning.
Me: *sigh* yes. you are right. 
Carmen: *looking smug*
Me: Fine. But I'm not putting hay in your stalls so you will have to decide- shelter or food. 
Irish: she's getting mean in her old age.

fields empty of horses
Of course they went out and I'm pleased to report that no one dissolved in the rain. 

Mid-Morning the rain stopped and I was able to pack the trailer and bathe Carmen.  I always reach a point in show prep where I wonder what I'm doing and why. I realized that it has more to do with the work involved in getting ready then about the show itself. 

I also realized that I am looking forward to the show. 

I also have a long standing history of setting goals for a show. So as I puttered I tried to think of what I wanted to accomplish. It's not like there weren't lots of options. I thought of scores, nailing our lengthens, being accurate in my tests etc.

But I couldn't settle on any of them. That's when I realized that I really didn't feel a need to set a goal.

Summer is almost over and we've worked really hard. There have been ups and downs and even some sideways.

But I no longer feel the need to prove anything- to myself or others. Not that anyone every gave me the impression that they were judging me (well except the judge of course). Everyone has always been very supportive and kind.

So we will go to the show and we will have fun. I will connect with my friends at the show. Carmen will be good. Or she'll be dramatic. I will deal with whatever happens and I will count myself lucky to have such a great weekend.

Actually, I lied. I do have one goal:
Please stay clean tonight Carmen.
Pretty please.....


  1. Good luck this weekend! And even more luck that Carmen doesn't sleep on a poo pillow!

  2. Teresa: Hope you have fun!
    Carmen: Stay clean tonight!

  3. Have fun at the show! And no rolling in horse poop Carmen!

    1. I had a lot of fun. Carmen was not so sure...

  4. That's great and so true--the proof is in the proverbial pudding--the relationship between rider and horse. No one can truly gauge that except us. Enjoy yourselves!

  5. I love this post! I love that you just want to enjoy your time at the show, but I especially love your conversation with the horses... lol!

  6. Goals have their place, but the joy is truly in the process!

  7. aw this is so great, and something i needed to read. i go through the same thought process of "what am i doing? and why am i doing this?" at shows, but recently there hasn't been that reciprocating feeling of actually looking forward to it... needs more mental adjustments, i think!!

  8. It is a good and right place to be! Be present with your horse! It is just the two of you and you both want to have a good time. The horse does not care about all that other stuff. This is just one reason they are so good for us.


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