dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, October 26, 2018

Blog Hop: Things I've learned from Other Bloggers

Thanks Sara for this great idea for a blog hop. Since I've started blogging I've found an on-line community that is, at various times, funny, touching, heart breaking and informative. Riding has been difficult because of the weather. I did manage to get in a hack at Coveside this morning but I have no media from it. Carmen was great, a little spooky with the weather but nothing that was a big deal. So having a topic to write about is great.

I have a number  of blogs that I follow and I know I'm going to leave one out and regret it terribly. But here are some highlights from various blogs:
no new media so here's one form the summer

1.  BelJoer writes amazing and funny reviews of books. This summer she has reviewed the Black Stallion Series. If it wasn't for her I would realize how truly bizarre these books were. When I was a child I remember being riveted by them and never caught on to the plot holes and craziness.

2. Austen has two horses. I was inspired reading about her progress with her older gelding (with the most awesome name of Guinness). Now I'm loving reading about her journey with her young TB, Bast. Who definitely gave her a run for her money when she started with him. Reading this I have learned how to approach Dressage with a sense of humour. her show recaps are hilarious. Sometimes I play them back in my head when showing.....

3. Megan is a dressage trainer and I love reading the details in her blog posts. She has helped me to step back and think about things. She also appeals to my inner nerd.

4. I've been following Emma for a long time now. I've learned so much about the support of eventing. I will likely never ever ride a cross-country but she makes me what to try. Reading about her work with gelding also demonstrates how much patience and humour is required in pursuing a sport.

5. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to move to Europe and continue your passion for horses you can find out by reading Lytha's blog. I enjoy reading about her life in Germany and her descriptions of the horses and people she meets are fascinating.

6. Karen's blog has helped me learn so much about the sport of Working Equitation. It's been fascinating to read and she's really good about answering questions.

7. Dom is a trainer who is very good with difficult horses. I've learned a lot about training by reading her posts. She shares her struggles with being a professional which gives me a new view of the whole world of horses. Lately I've been getting insight into the world of training TB horses and it is an interesting read.

8. Olivia has two mustangs and a mule. I've enjoyed learning about mules and she often does posts describing how to do various projects.

riding is fun. Right Carmen?

There are so many other blogs that I enjoy and love reading (you can see them on my blog list). The span the range of horse activities: endurance, hunter/jumper, eventing, dressage, racing, trail rides and more. Their passion for their sport and love of their horses in all of them.

What a lovely world.


  1. So so so many good blogs out there. It seems like with horses there’s so much to learn, more than a lifetimes worth of knowledge. And that for the most part we learn what we live with horses. But by reading so many stories and experiences from others, we can get so much more. Like so many times I’ve experienced something first hand with a horse but already felt like I “knew” what to do bc I’d read about it somewhere else, if that makes sense haha

  2. So much collective knowledge out there

  3. I love this blog hop. It's giving me so many good blogs to read!

  4. Guinness is really a great name 😉! I'm loving this blog hop so much. So fun to see how what others get from blogs is different or the same as what I glean.

  5. I am absolutely loving this blog hop!! I'm glad my whining comes across as "new perspective" lol


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