dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Take a Moment

The last little while I've noticed that Carmen's attention is often on me when I'm around.

I've also noticed that she gets a little annoyed if I haven't spent time with her.

Today I came home from work and had a ton of things to do.  I am having company tomorrow and I wanted to get things ready- the house cleaned and things baked and prepared for lunch. I rushed around with the vacuum and dust cloth and then headed out to the barn to do the supper time chores.

As always the horses were down by the barn waiting for me to finish the stalls so they can have supper. Carmen watched me work on her stall. And then followed to watch me do Irish's. When I was done I turned around she had her head stuck in the stall. She gave me a soft nudge with her nose and looked at me.  I gave her a pat and then hurried about my chores.

After dinner I prepared the food for tomorrow and then collapsed on the couch for a rest.

I went out to the barn a bit earlier then usual. Both were watching me over the door. I slipped Carmen's halter on and brought her out. She stood while I took of her blanket. I began to brush her and she showed me her itchy spots. As I groomed her we both became quieter and more relaxed.

I love the quiet rhythm of grooming. When the horse stands quietly and the human is not in a hurry it is a bubble of peace in a busy day. There's no need to plan or think or fret. You can just be. And horses seems to thrive in that zone. I believe that these moments are as important as riding to building a relationship.


  1. Replies
    1. that's the wonderful thing about having them at home- you can groom when you want.

  2. Sounds she's wanting your relationship. So wonderful

  3. I haven't had much time to just groom and relax with my horses lately, and I'm missing it 😔 hopefully after the holidays things will settle down!

    1. Yeah- I hate it when that happens. Hopefully things will calm down soon.


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