dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Better Safe Than Sorry

Today was a long (but good) day at work. I had to leave early and came home late. My favourite way to decompress is to putter in the barn. Carmen and Irish were out grazing in the field. I was happy to see that they were over in the back part of the field next to the woods. They had been avoiding it, most likely because of Carmen and her worry over the brush. However, due to the neglect all summer, that part now has some of the best grass.

I was puttering away cleaning out the little paddock, making their beds, refilling the water buckets, restacking the hay I got in on the weekend (as an aside, is there anything more satisfying then a barn full of hay in preparation for the winter?) and generally just giving my brain a rest while I got my muscles working.

I swept up some hay seed and was throwing it in the pasture when I heard thunder. I looked up and the horses came flying up over the hill in full gallop. It was a breath taking sight.

not from tonight, but it gives you the idea 
I watched them gallop up to me and come to screeching halt.

Me: What's up?
Carmen: *snort* TROLL!
Me: troll, really?
Carmen: yes. it was very scary.
Irish: yeah. 
Me: We don't have trolls.
Irish: well I didn't actually see it.... 
Carmen: I'm telling you it was a giant wild Canadian Troll. 
Irish: We have trolls?!
Me: No. Canada does not have trolls. Those are just on the internet. 
Carmen: I know what I heard saw.

I heard a blue jay screaming over in the woods (most likely laughing his head off).
Me: I'm thinking that it was a bird. 
Irish: Well this is embarrassing. 
Carmen: *sniff* well, better safe than sorry. 
Me: Well come on in. I have your stalls all made up and it's getting dark. 

I gave them both a good groom in their stalls. For the first time Carmen nuzzled me while I gave her a groom. I gave them their bedtime carrot and came inside.

I may or may not have kept my eyes peeled for Wild Canadian Trolls.


  1. Both horses look so awesome in that picture. I remember a long, long time ago when I was first learning how to navigate the Internet, I entered a chat room, but got pulled away from the computer. I returned to all these abusive remarks about me being a lurker, troll, eavesdropper, spy, etc. I was so shocked that I bailed out of the chat room without explaining myself. Ha ha.

  2. Gotta watch them trolls, especially those horse eating Canadian trolls:)

  3. Darn those Wild Canadian Trolls! They are very sneaky :P


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