dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Weekend Away

Last weekend was our annual weekend away at Broadleaf Ranch. I look forward to this trip for a few reasons. It's a relaxing time spent with horses, horse loving women. Many of us only meet up on this one weekend.  We eat, share wine, stories and talk about horses. 

There were 9 of us this time. We stay in a large chalet that has five large bedrooms. It has a giant deck with a stunning view of the hills. Plus there's this giant hot tub. We arrive on friday and have dinner. Conversations are picked up where they left off. Most of these revolve around family and horses.  We are an eclectic bunch of women who might not encounter one another except for our love of riding and horses. 

I was thrilled that Joanne, our horse sitter came along. 

Cynthia always organizes this trip. Thank heavens for her organization skills. She always does a fantastic job. When I die I want her to organize my funeral. Unless we go together. a la Thelma & Louise. 

In that case, well, I'm sure that the guys can do the arranging. Right? 

In the morning we have breakfast and then head down to the stable. There is a brief flurry of activity as we are assigned to a horse. I like the horses at Broadleaf- they know their job and are safe. If you want to have a 'training' ride you will be frustrated (and so will your mount). However, if you give the horse a long rein and let them do their job you will have a much better time. 

Here we are lined up and ready to head out onto the dikes. I love riding along the dikes, the views are stunning. Sheena is our guide and she's a ton of fun. She knows that we love to canter and trot so she makes sure that we get lots of that in.  I quite enjoyed the horse that I was riding. His name was Ray and he is draft cross of some sort. He quite likes to run as well. Once he realized that I enjoyed it as well he relaxed into the ride. We did cause a bit of trouble as he liked to pass the other horses (sorry Barb and Kim). Somehow I find that my inner child comes out and I just want to fly. 

We ride for about two hours and then stop for a picnic lunch. 

the horses are tied up for a rest

resting and enjoying the sun
I shared the apple from my lunch with Ray. He enjoyed it quite a bit. Then I put his bridle back on and mounted.  We finished with a canter along the dikes. After our ride we headed back to the Chalet.  

I am quite used to riding but four hours in a western saddle riding a somewhat bumpy horse and my legs were sore. After a shower I gratefully climbed into the hot tub. I thought that the seat was a higher than it was and I started to slip under water. With lightning reflexes I raised my hand and saved my glass of wine. As I started to go under the wine remained safe and sound in it's glass. 

None of us managed to stay up late that night. The next morning some of the girls went for another ride. I did not go. For me the treat was to sleep in and not have any chores to do.  The ones who went stopped for a visit on the way.

Then it was time for brunch and packing up. We said our goodbyes and hit the road. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away but I was happy to come home. Carmen and Irish looked happy to see me. Of course that could have been because I was late with supper. 


  1. I wish I had been there! I was happy to get to chat with you though! And, of course, the other gals!!! ;o) Lovely looking horses, they look well fed for sure! Wish I was in that picture! NEXT YEAR!



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