dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Last Straw

Carmen and I have been spending the past few days working on our homework. Yesterday I was very happy. The things that we were working on in our lesson were much easier to achieve. It was also very very hot so I didn't work her too hard.

Today I took her up to the ring and it was evident right from the beginning that she was with me. After a bit of ground work I got on. She stood stock still and waited for my signal to move. We were able to make use of the full ring right from the beginning. While she looked at her 'spooky spots' she kept going and paid attention to what I wanted. Not that we were perfect, far from it, but we were so much better.

I was happy.

She was happy.

But then, as we were trotting down the far end Irish decided to lose it and he galloped down the far side of the pasture behind the ring. This resulted in her giving a big spook and spinning around. Once we both realized what it was (a silly red head, who at the age of 15 really ought to know better but probably never will) we were able to relax and go back to work. Irish decided that cantering around screaming and generally being a jerk face. But Carmen was able to keep her attention on me, although she was more tense.

I headed down to the other end of the ring and both of us heard something rustling in the tall grass.

She got a bit more tense.

I kept working with her.

And then she spied Ed driving a tractor down the road with a big piece of our deck teetering on the bucket (side note: we're replacing our deck and it seems that people down the road wanted the old decking and Ed delivered it because he's a nice guy).

That was the last straw.
Carmen: I can cope with Irish, I can  handle the rustling grass but this! This is too much! 
She bolted down the ring. Fortunately I am at the point where I can relax my legs around her and not tighten. I got her back under control but now my soft, responsive, listening horse was gone.


So I went back to our comfort zone to get her back to me. And she did. So that's a plus.

I found a good moment to end and dismounted. I then took her back to the end of the ring that she bolted from and did some in-hand work until she relaxed. We then headed out of the ring. As we headed to the barn Irish was tossing his head.
Irish: How dare you leave me! 
Me: Jerkface
Carmen: yeah!

I hosed her off and sent her back out. I think it took her a while before she spoke to Irish again.

I think that the men in my life are trying to kill me.
boys are nothing but trouble

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  1. LOL. I love that last line. They are kind of clueless sometimes.


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