dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Today I started a short vacation and I'm spending it at home. I love these stay-cations- letting each day decide itself.

Not that I don't have plans. I am continuing to progress with the 'couch to 5 km' program I started. I am so close to the 5 km goal that I should achieve it this week. I no longer feel like a lumbering bear, more like a uncoordinated lab puppy.  I want to tackle tack cleaning and cleaning of the tack room.

And ride. I plan to ride every day. Yes- every day.

What could be better?
I understand why you would be excited, but EVERY day? 
And I have a huge plans for the weekend. Steele and I are going on a road trip.

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  1. Sitting at my desk at work I'm very jealous of your stay-cation! :) Excited to hear about your roadtrip!


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