dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Off to a Good Start

Day 1 of the stay-cation was brilliant. The weather was sunny and warm but with a nice breeze. I got up early and went for a run. Then my friend Cynthia came and we tacked up the horses for a ride.

 I wish I could accurately describe how incredibly rideable Steele is. I took off the grab strap last month because I wasn't using it. I find that as long as I stay balanced in my aids and don't over do (which I tend to do) he will find me. Our bending through corners is getting much better and our circles are getting to look like circles. Yesterday I worked on a figure 8 with the goal being to maintain the bend and rhythm and switch. Like all horses there are parts where he wants to bulge out and parts where he wants to fall in but now I'm starting to figure those out and am working on preventing them before they happen. We're doing a lot more cantering too. The right canter is farther along than the left but we're getting there. I find that he's seeking the contact more and more and is very steady in his head (most of the time). And he's just so dang comfortable. When we were done the ride I put the dogs in the barn and we went for a short hack around the edge of the field. Steele led the whole way and was completely calm. I kept a somewhat shorter rein just in case but I didn't need it. In fact I was more concerned that the red head might spook behind us and create an issue. But that didn't happen either.

I could watch them all day. Look how light Steele is getting

After our ride we had a drink on the deck (cranberry and ginger ale- I highly recommend it). I ran into town for a few chores and then took the dogs to the lake for a swim. I sat outside under the oak tree and read a book and then it was time for supper and evening chores. The light was golden so before I went to work I grabbed the camera for a photo shoot.  I finished up watching a movie on netflix and eating chips.

By the time I hit my bed I was like a kid after a long day at camp: exhausted but happy. I know that I'm fifty but some days I feel like I'm 12. Well inside anyway. My joints and muscles seem to delight in telling me how old I am.


  1. Sounds like a perfect stay-cation day! I've been watching Steele's coat change -- so beautiful. What a good boy, he is. And I hate it when my 54 year old body interferes with my inner 12 year old.


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