dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's too late now....

To back out. I feel much better today- just little to no stamina. However, all my preparations for our big 'Road Trip' are done.

I think.

I'm just sitting here now and trying to not entertain visions of all of the potential disasters or how I will make an idiot of myself.

Part of me knows that I'm over thinking it. The other part does not care about things like logic and reason.

But it's too late. Today I gave Steele a thorough bath, cleaned all the brushes and packed everything on my list. The truck is full. Irish knows that something is up. He's been to enough shows to recognize the signs. He's been keeping a close eye on me as I bustle about. I hope that he doesn't pine too much being alone for the weekend.

The plan is that the hauler I hired arrives early tomorrow to take Steele to grounds. I will follow in my truck. For Saturday and Sunday we will hang about and absorb all the bustle. I hope to lunge and ride him in the warm up and at least walk him in the show ring when it's now being used.  On monday we're in a lesson with the judge. I've done clinics with him in the past and really like his style. I have to keep my goals for this weekend clear in my head:

  1. stay alive
  2. help Steele realize how much showing can be
  3. have quiet(ish) rides on him
  4. do a braid that will stay in for the lesson
  5. not make a fool of myself or let Steele down
Those seem  reasonable. 

I tried  Steele's black bridle on today and it's now too small. So we'll have to ride in his brown schooling one. I hope that it's not too awful that I'll be riding in a brown bridle and black saddle.

no one will be looking at my tack with me to look at!


  1. Enjoy your adventure :) I bet if you oil the brown bridle it will look almost black!

  2. Good luck! Love that photo of Steele.

  3. I agree, no one will notice the tack because they will be blinded by how gorgeous Steele is. I hope it went great! I'm sure he was awesome. :)


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