dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas on Oakfield Farm

Tonight is Christmas Eve. The kids are home for the holiday and we have more family coming for dinner on Christmas day and Boxing day. I just finished the rolls for dinner and had the dough for the cinnamon buns rising when I headed out to the barn.

I took both horses out in turns to give them a good grooming. After all they have to look good for Santa and for the relatives. I find grooming to be a soothing activity. I enjoy cleaning off dirt and detangling manes and tails. I gave Irish's mane a trim and put Cowboy Magic in both tails to get the knots out. As I brushed and curried I felt very content. I know how fortunate I am to have the family and animals in my life. This is my second Christmas having horses on my very own property. While the work is sometimes hard I wouldn't trade it for anything. When I was a child I became enamored with the idea that animals talk on Christmas eve at Midnight. I used to try to stay up and listen but I never managed it. As I shut off the light and headed back to the house I thought how cool that would be if it really happened. There was a lovely soft snow falling and the world looked very pretty.

Irish wake up. I think I hear Santa! 

zzzzzzz, hmpf whazzat?

wake up! wake up! I'm sure it's him. 

oh for heaven's sake. Go back to sleep! 

no, I hear something. I'm sure. 

Belle : relax. it's only us. 

Steele: ohhhh

d'Arcy  Hi!! Hi! Merry Christmas! It's SNOWING!

Irish:  how did you two get out? 

Martin I let them out. I can do that whenever i want. I just don't let the servants know. It's not good to let them get too comfortable. 

Steele : Did you see Santa out there? Does he have carrots and apples and candy canes? 

Irish: I didn't think that you liked candy canes. 

My palate has matured. Now that I'm older. 

Belle: Santa also brings dog treats 

d'Arcy: And balls! don't forget balls! I love balls. Balls are the best. Except for treats. Treats are the best.  Balls with treats are AWESOME. 

Martin: you two need a bit more dignity.

Belle: Agreed.

Irish *sigh* *yawn* you know santa won't come if you're awake. 

d'Arcy there's lots of time. We wanted to come out and give you holiday greetings.

Belle:  After all you can't come in the house to visit us.

Irish: we should be happy with our good fortune. I've been around and heard stories. There are lots of animals that aren't as lucky as us. 

Steele: really? how sad. Hey, how did you come to own the female servant? 

Irish I met here before my third birthday. A friend had seen me and told her to come and meet me. I quite liked her so decided to keep her. I can proudly say that most of what she knows I taught her. 

Steele: is there anything left for me to teach her? 

Martin: oh don't worry humans needs LOTS of training. Just the other day the male servant stuck his foot in my face while I was sleeping at the foot of the bed. It's not enough that I let them share it with me, he has to take liberties! Well I taught him. 

Steele: What did you do? 

Martin: Well I bit him on the foot. You should have heard him yell. 

Irish: I don't recommend biting. Cats may get away with it but we don't. 

Steele: Oh I learned that already!

Belle: I can't believe you bit him. Before \I adopted these two I had a very hard life. No one seemed to love me and they kept me locked in a cage. 

d'Arcy: NO

Belle: yes. haven't you noticed I don't like small spaces? But life is good here and I'm happy. 

Steele: Me too! I knew she was mine as soon as I met her. And the male servant is very entertaining. He does lots of interesting things. I wonder what we'll do next year? 

Irish: Oh I'm sure that she has lots of plans for you. I've seen the look in her eye. I know that she's contacted the lady to come and fit you for a saddle. 

Steele: I remember her. That's where I was born. I was a Christmas baby you know.

Irish: you were a November baby! 

Steele: same diff!

d'Arcy: I was born in the summer. I don't remember much but I remember coming home. I learned what to do and what not to do. I learned about hockey. Hockey was the best! I miss hockey sometimes.

Irish: Hockey? 

yes they used to take me to large houses with ice and I would watch the game. At one time I wanted to be a referee. After all I learned about the whistle and am the right colour but more and more arenas would not allow dogs in them. Can you believe it? they allow children but not dogs!  But now I have work and lots and lots of sticks. There are lots of sticks here. And water. And smells. 

Irish: I used to show in a hockey arena. They would take out the ice and put in dirt for horse shows. It was a bit freaky to see my reflection in the glass. I didn't always take too well to that. 

Steele: now that sounds interesting. Tell me more about showing. 

Irish: you'll learn about it soon enough. But you get your mane braided and you can't scratch it no matter how much it itches. And then there's this person called a 'judge' who decides how good your are. There's lots of people, horses and some dogs....

Martin: any cats?

no, no cats that I've ever seen.

Then I'm not interested.  

Irish: how about the rat living under my stall? are you interested in that? 

Martin: it's Christmas. You can't expect me to hunt on Christmas eve! 

Belle: *rolls eyes* no of course not. you might break a nail. 

Martin: pffft! 

Irish- now now, that's enough. It's time for us all to get some sleep. You don't want the servants to wake up and come looking for you. 

Steele: *yawn* well I am kinda tired. Goodnight! Merry Christmas! 

Irish: Merry Christmas.

Belle: Merry Christmas. 

Martin: Merry Christmas. 

d;Arcy: Merry Christmas. I love Christmas. Christmas is the best.

Merry Christmas from Oakfield Farm to you



  1. *smile*
    Merry Christmas to all the residents of Oakfield Farm, and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!


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