dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, December 16, 2013

snow Day

Well we survived the storm. Sunday dawned with snow but it didn't seem too bad. I did the barn chores and decided to let the horses out for a bit. I had to shovel the snow away from the doors to let them out. I headed into the house for some much needed coffee. I was sitting enjoying my coffee and surfing the internet and before I knew it an hour passed. I looked out the window and realized that there was a full on blizzard. I pulled my winter gear on and headed back out. The horses were hiding in their stalls which were fast filling with snow. While I was drinking the wind had changed direction and was blowing the snow right into their refuge. I hopped over a drift that was forming in the barn aisle and grabbed a shovel. I shovelled the snow away from the Steele's door and then closed it. Irish saw what I was doing and left- he doesn't like to be in during the day.
"I have to be free!"

 However, 30 seconds later he dove back in.
"well maybe not THAT free"

I got his door closed and came back into the barn. It took me 30 minutes to remove the snow from the stalls and barn aisle. I headed back to the house for more coffee. The rest of the day was spent decorating the tree and baking. The snow changed to freezing rain and then rain. By 4 it was mostly over. I headed back out and had to clear yet more snow away from their doors. I wanted to get it dealt with before the rain sodden snow froze again. Wet snow is very heavy. Sunday night the temperature plummeted again. I took one look at the icy roads and decided to take a vacation day (I save some every year for just this reason). I dusted off the snow shoes and took the dogs into the woods. I enjoy snowshoeing but the first time is always interesting- it takes a while to get the actions down.

When I came back the horses were excited by the noise that my shoes were making as they crunched through the crust.

run away from the servant with the large feet!

love this one of Irish's trot. Note the BC photo bomber
love the look on Irish's face "I can't believe your rolling at a time like this" 

perfect timing

playing with photo processing

It's easier to enjoy the snow when you don't have to shovel it!


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