dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In which Steele gets in mess

The weather has been rainy. Really rainy. To the point that I'm wanting snow just to make the world less soggy. There is mud everywhere and the world is brown and grey.

The other day when I came from work it had started to rain really hard. The horses were out so I brought them in. I wanted to take the dogs for a walk so I decided to put fleece coolers on them to dry off. I decided to not put the leg straps on because I wasn't planning to be gone all that long.

Fast forward 45 minutes later. The dogs and I return to the barn. All of us wetter but feeling good after stretching our legs. It was time to give the horses their supper. I opened the door and saw Steele standing near his door. He turned his head towards me.

 "it's about time you got back"

"what the...." (I've been saying that a lot lately).

This is what I saw:

"what on earth did you do?"
"I'm not sure but could you give me a hand?"

I opened the door. Steele didn't move.

"this blanket is obviously defective. "

All I can figure is that he tried to roll in the shavings and it moved on him. What's great is that when he got stuck he stood still until I sorted him out. He wasn't stressed or panicked.
which is good - horses that panic get into more trouble.

"I'm still wet you know, stop taking pictures and dry me off!"

yes dear. 


  1. oo he is good at wearing blankets.

  2. LOL! He's such a good boy! Chrome is one of those that freeze and let me get him unstuck too. Such a nice trait in a horse. :)


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