dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I found the bridle!

Remember how I was looking for a flat bridle for Steele? Well I was visiting a friend who had just taken over Bits n'Bridles tack store (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bits-N-Bridles-Tack-and-Feed-Store/557275177631188?fref=ts) and I found an extra pair of reins in a sales bin. They are the ones with the different colour rubber:

I like to have extra reins just in case and because these were on sale and would be useful I purchased them. The friend I was with was teasing me about them and as we chatted I started to explain about the bridle I was tryng to find. Well the owner/manager of the tack store dragged out her catalogues and we started looking. And we found it! So I ordered it and ta dah:
How cute is this? 

As you can see he takes his role of model very seriously! 

Don't you just love good customer service? 

And the winner for most tolerant horse goes to Irish:

During our modelling session Steele went over and stuck his head in Irish's feed bin to see if he left anything behind. 


  1. Oh my goodness you should frame that picture! He is so gorgeous!!!!

    Oh and I totally need some reins like that. I keep catching myself holding mine uneven. Chrome has such a short neck and my reins are so long that I fumble around with them quite a bit lol.

  2. thanks guys. he's become a bit of a ham! And I think that hte reins will be handy!


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