dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Child Rearing is hard work

Just ask Irish.

I really think that he's missed his calling. He'd be a perfect Nanny Gelding raising a herd of rambunctious yearlings.

Case in point:
The other day while looking out the window I saw Irish herding a very relunctanct Steele down to the small paddock. Steele tried all his tricks but Irish was having none of it.

When Steele balked Irish nipped him on the behind.

When Steele dried to dodge away Irish cut him off and flattened his ears.

I watched, fascinated. what on earth is going on?  I wondered.

Irish was relentless. Finally with a sulky swish of his tail Steele gave up and came down to the small paddock.  But that was not enough. Irish drove him into one of the stalls. At which point Irish stood outside the door blocking the exit. He then cocked his hind leg and went to sleep.

Turns out it was nap time.

What I want to know is why I didn't have Irish when I was trying to get my little darlings to have a nap?

"But I'm NOT TIRED!'
''Listen young man, it's time for your nap!"


  1. I need Irish! Dickie walks all over everyone. He so spoiled by the mares and he picks in the new gelding.

    1. I was so surprised because up to now Irish has always been on the bottom. Now he has no intention of being walked over by this whipper snapper!


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