dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In which Steele makes a break for it

Today was a long day. I was in the city for meetings. This means that I leave early and get home around supper time. On those days, Ed is good about the horses. I feed before I go and he lets them out and cleans the stall.

Oh and he makes supper too.

Yes, I know how lucky I am. (did I mention that he cleans?) Sorry, I am getting off topic.

Today when I came home Ed said to me "well, I had quite the adventure with the horses today".

I looked at him.

"go and get changed he said and I'll tell you all about it."

I went upstairs wondering what on earth happened. Martin was curled up on the end of my bed. When I came in he opened one eye and looked at me as though to say "you won't believe the shenanigans that went on today!"

I go back downstairs and Ed tells me his story:

Around 4 he started cleaning out the stalls. He had Irish's mostly done when he had to empty the muck cart (we truck our manure down away to the compost pile). Because of the weather and snow/mud we are keeping the cart in the barn. It will go back out once things settle down. To take out the cart Ed has to take out the rope that is across the doors as a line of defence if the horses get loose in the barn. When he came back he left the cart outside to do some sweeping and finish Irish's stall. He said that he had the stall door open and Steele was in his stall eating hay. Ed was cleaning up a corner of the barn when he heard Steele come out of the stall. At first he was not concerned and then he remembered that the rope was down.

It was too late. Steele was out the barn and headed around to the back and up to the riding ring with Ed in hot pursuit. He was smart enough to grab a carrot but it was not working. I can picture it very well: Ed trying to get him to come close, Steele prancing around spouting slogans like 'cry freedom' and 'don't fence me in' and grabbing snatches of grass that were bravely sprouting up through the snow. However, I did not marry a dumb man- he took the carrot over to Irish (who was watching over the fence). In no time at all Steele was over there for his share. Ed opened the gate and Steele went in to the paddock. But Irish came out! Ed sighed and then locked Steele in the paddock. He went back to the barn, grabbed more carrots and Irish's halter. It was not difficult to get him and put him back where he belonged.

This story has taught me 3 things:

1. My horses are well mannered but are not above having fun with their servants.

2. Despite my worries, Ed is quite able to cope with situations, even though he knows very little about horses.

3. I am out of wine.

I was just teasing him- see my halo?


  1. Do you think Ed could teach Brett how to cook dinner? C'mon over; I'll pour you a glass of wine while they cook. :)

  2. Halo schmalo you little devil! He is too cute to get in trouble though isn't he? :D


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