dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

If you've been following my blog you know how long I waited to get my farm and how excited Ed and I were to make this all happen. When we were property shopping we looked at everything that was within spitting distance of our budget (assuming that you can spit really far). I knew the first time I looked at this house that it was 'the one'. It was because of this tree:
She is a huge ancient tree. I know that it makes me sound a bit crazy but over the years I've had many dreams of farms over the years. So when the real estate agent opened the front door and I saw this:
So I knew that this was our house. And of course it all worked out. The purchase, the reno, the barn construction, the moving Irish home and then the purchase of you-know-who. (I sometimes talk to this tree. I am sure she's listening.)

Who? Oh, you mean me. 
Whenever I travel away I am always happy to be home. There is a feeling of contentment that I don't remember ever feeling before.  I don't use the word 'lucky' because that implies a certain randomness and, while I recognize that there is always 'luck' involved, most of it was because we worked really hard towards this. There was planning, saving and quite a bit of scheming on my part. But I know that we are fortunate and I hope that I never come off sounding smug about it.

Home really is sweet. 


  1. I would totally choose a property because of trees! Your place is beautiful. :D

  2. I agree your place is gorgeous! :D I love that picture of Steele. I'm so jealous of his mane lol.

  3. it seems that the tree makes lots of sense to people. Thanks for the comments on my place. I do love it.


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