dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, February 11, 2013

Of course I missed you....

After a fabulous time away a terrible separation from my babies I finally made it home. As I expected, our house sitter did a fabulous job with all of the animals. I understand that only Martin and Steele caused a bit of difficulty.

Irish: "You LEFT us"
Me: "well I did arrange for a replacement"
Irish: "But YOU weren't here"
Me: "I had a vacation"
Steele: "What's a vacation?"
Me: "in this case it was a cruise. Where we sat in the sun, ate out every night and visited some fabulous places"

Steele: "why couldn't I go? I bet I would have added to the fun"
Me: "well boats aren't really made for horses"
Irish: "Sounds dangerous to me"
Steele: "I bet I would have been a hit."
Me: "I have no doubt"
Irish: "can we get back to how you abandoned me- I mean us"
Me: "Wasn't Joanne nice?"
Steele: "Very nice but she didn't have much of a sense of humour"
Me: "what do you mean?"
Steele: "well one morning she came in and my stall door was off the rails - through no fault of mine really---
Irish: "humph"
Steele: "you can't blame me for an itch....anyway....she didn't find it all funny. I was amused by her getting it back on though. She knows lots of interesting words...."
Irish: "And she was pretty generous with the carrots. you might want to take notes on that"
Steele: "oh and your friends came to visit and gave us some hay when the storm was howling"
Irish : "yes because you weren't here"
Me: "I know I know"
Me "I missed you terribly"
Irish & Steele: "Really?"



  1. I'm picturing Irish and Steele in lounge chairs on either side of you. You would have gotten no rest! I can hear them begging you to take them to the pool, the crudités smorgasbord, and playing tag on the promenade deck. Good choice!

    1. Steele would have annoyed everyone by cannon balling into the pool!

  2. LOL! Love your conversation with the boys. :D I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. That picture is lovely.


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