dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, February 28, 2024


 It is human nature to assume that we can impose order and structure on our lives. We make plans, we examine failures and think that we can prevent chaos. 

But chaos is inevitable. No matter how hard we try our lives will, at times feel like they are spinning out of control. 

Honestly, if that does not describe life with horses I don't know what does. February has been a month of things creating disorder.  Between the truck debacle, snow storms and unexpected truck shopping has made us feel like we're in a constant game of catch up.  

The snow storm demolished boards in my riding ring

Quaid has been doing great with his training. Except that he's not eating as much as we'd like. Nikki has tried everything so last week I decided to put him on ulcer meds to see if the stress of everything has resulted in his gut being upset. 

Look at this superstar

Tomorrow I go to see him. He's coming home on Friday. With the truck uncertainty and for my own peace of mind I decided to hire someone to pick him up and bring him home. Once I get him home I'll take my trailer and go get Carmen.  And because Ed and I have been working hard on truck shopping, with my new (to us) truck.  

You know who's not in a state of disorder? This girl. 
it was a stormy day so we played
the 'find the ball and get to rest'  game

She's been having a grand time at her spot. It's been really nice to go and spend quality time with her. Julia watched us the other day and commented on how quiet and relaxed she's been. 

Carmen: I don't believe in disorder
 unless I am the source. 

I think that the lesson I'm taking is that we can't expect to be able to completely control everything around us. Instead we have to recognise that no matter how prepared we are things will fall apart at times. The trick is to take a deep breath and figure out what to do next. 

I am looking forward to things getting back to 'normal' for a least a little while. Because in other news, one of these little potatoes is going to be the new deputy of security on the farm: 
German Shepherd puppies from the breeder who owns
Guinness' father. 


  1. Ugh, this is all so true. Sorry for the unplanned new truck. Trucks are the worst. Also the best, but certainly the worst.
    I'm glad the horses are doing great though! And PUPPIES!!!! I can't wait for this news!

    1. I’m not sorry to get the truck but I’m not happy about the circumstances.

  2. I guess life will be semi normal once you get your horses home. Hopefully you found a good truck that will NOT increase your disorder.
    Have you picked which pup yet? I vote for Cordelia!

  3. So distracted by puppy news! I bet it will fell nice to have the horses home again and things feeling a little more normal

  4. congrats on the puppy!! and exciting to get the horses back home again ahead of spring. i'm excited about this next chapter with Quaid!

  5. New potato!!! I love how potato-y and round puppies are. It will be nice to have all the horses back but I'm excited to hear how everyone has changed after their bootcamp months.

  6. That's a very interesting way to look at entropy. Horses definitely do give us that sense of one big thing to another. I sometimes wonder what my life would look like without horses. Boring, I guess.

    A new puppy! Yay! Puppies always bring such joy to life.

    I'm excited to hear how it goes getting your horses back home. I don't blame you for paying someone to haul Quaid. What a good girl Carmen has been!

    1. What is that phrase? ‘Man plans and god laughs’. I think plans are good but the idea that we can control everything is foolish.

  7. Awww, a new puppy will bring so much joy!! Peace of mind is important. Having your horses home safely will also bring joy.


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