dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, June 16, 2023

The Fun Stuff

 It's no secret that I like to show. But not for the reasons that you might think. I don't go to shows for all the shiny ribbons and accolades. I do like the feedback and that it really hones in on what is firmly established, developing and really tenuous. 

But mostly I go for the socialisation. 

I love having my horses home but it can make it a bit lonely by times. I do like getting together with other people who are happy to talk about horses just like me. 

And I show with a great group of people. We were all there for each other: reading tests, encouraging each other and helping with all the minutia required at a horse show. 

both horses were great, and Carmen didn't really 
need me to hold her while they were out grazing. 

As with any social endeavour food plays a big role.  Friday night we all go out to a local pub: The Spitfire Grill. It is always delicious. 

Saturday night is pizza night. We order from Magic Pizza (OMG it's so good) and eat in the barn. 

as you can see I totally suck at selfies. I blame my age.

In the warm up ring people are being very encouraging. When riders pass each other going into the ring they wish each other luck or ask how the ride went. Going with Julia made is a lot more fun. She was, of course, a big help. But she also brought snacks and a good sense of humour. 

Quaid and Julia during the ribbon ceremony
Can you bear the cuteness of his expression? 

Shows can be really stressful and make you question all of your life choices. But, if you find a group of people like I have, it can be a lot of fun. 

I mean what else would I do with my time (and money)? 
I'm looking forward to showing both of them


  1. It's really important to do fun things with horses. After all they are a big part of out lives. While I don't show, I used to and remember how much fun it was and yes I miss it. Your group looks like a fun group and how great that you all encourage each other.

    1. They are a great group. And it’s supposed to be fun, right?

  2. Socialization is a huge part of showing. I was at one yesterday, to support my hubby. Cute (and accurate) meme :))

  3. That’s one reason why I go down to the equestrian park and spend the day. I meet or meet up with lots of fun horse people. We are definitely a community.

  4. Horses and friends are perfect together <3

  5. Having a positive and fun crew at shows is the win!

  6. Love that y'all get together and cheer each other on, what a positive experience!

  7. Yes! That's what I miss most about showing, seeing all my friends! It's so much more fun when you have a good community to show with. Sounds like you definitely have that!


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