dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Good Intentions and All That

 It all started with a lunch date. 


My dear friend Karen was coming to Halifax and we arranged to meet for lunch. Right before we firmed up our plans I saw that Greenhawk had fly spray on sale. 

Karen is also a crazy dedicated horse person so we arranged to meet at the tack shop and then go for lunch. I told Ed our plans. 

Ed: 'what are you getting at the tack shop?'

Me: 'fly spray, it's on sale and I want to stock up'

I am sure that you know where this is going......

Karen and I met at the store and started chatting as we looked around. When I walked in I spied this mug and grabbed it: 

My daughter had bought me this a few years ago and it was my favourite mug. Then Ed dropped it and it broke. I missed that mug so clearly I had to have it. 

I also grabbed the fly spray. 

And a sparkly dressage whip. 

All the while showing Karen things she should definitely consider buying. 

Karen spied some lovely tops and I also loved them so I had to try it on: 

IKaren spied some show coats

Karen "look they are made of mesh now. What a great idea!"

Me:  "I wish we'd get rid of coats altogether (old rant of mine). The ONLY coat I'd ever consider buying is a Burgundy one, I love the idea of colour instead of black." I should explain that Burgundy is one of my favourite colours. 

A few minutes later Karen nudged me 'look!'

There was a sales person showing me a burgundy, lightweight, mesh show jacket by Kerrits. 

Me:"...... but"

Karen: "well you did say Burgundy. And look it's light" 

Sales person is a bright cheery voice "it's in the clearance rack and will look great on you"

I checked the size- Large. Damn, my size. 

I checked the tag- a ridiculously low number. Damn again. 

Me (ungraciously): 'Fine, I'll try it on'

The shirt fit perfectly, it was light and airy and was also medium so it made me feel good. In it went to the purchase pile. 

I eyed the jacket. Not sure if I wanted it to fit or not. 

It fit. I walked out and Karen and the sales person assured me I looked great. 

Me: I have a saddle pad that matches this colour.....

And that's how I ended up with a burgundy show jacket: 

It's more burgundy than the picture shows

That matches my saddle pad: 

I did put back the sparkly dressage whip. 

'Cause, you know, I am a responsible person. 

Lunch was excellent too. We shared a brownie and ice cream for dessert. 

When I got home Ed said 'what did you buy at the tack shop'

'Flyspray!' I said brightly. Technically accurate. 

He walked away muttering "fly spray cost $$$??! I don't think so"

Ah well. 

You only live once. The coat, along with the matching pad, will be making its debut at the show next week. 


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    1. I thought of you and was pretty sure I heard your voice in my head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. I would absolutely have enabled that in real time 🀣

  2. To be fair, you already had the pad, so you obviously NEEDED a jacket to match. And it was on sale. So it would be irresponsible to leave it there. Plus, it matches so nicely with both of your horses, so really, you're saving by not needing two jackets!

  3. Good intentions are all that counts. Besides, look at all the money you save!

  4. Hahahaha! Love this post! The jacket was a responsible purchase, honestly! I have a hard time in tack stores too.

  5. Oooohhh so pretty!! Thunder and I are a few shows away from getting our tails (we hope!) and as much as the thought of buying a tailcoat gives me a cramp in the bank account, I have to admit that an interesting colour is tempting. Plum with silver trim perhaps...

  6. Well, that’s going to look beautiful! Money well spent!


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