dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Road Trip

 Hey everyone, Quaid here. 

I thought you'd like to hear about my latest adventure. It all started when Mom (Carmen's servant) set up the big moving stall. I watched her get it ready and I suspected something was up.  When Carmen's servant servant showed up (a.k.a) Julia showed up really early the next morning we knew for sure. 

Beth: just checking out some potential new digs
Me: no

Last time I went on a really long drive all by myself and ended up at the hospital. This time Carmen came with me. 

Quaid: Do you know where we are going? 
Carmen: no, but I'm pretty sure it's your fault.

*Me: note how his bum is almost as tall as Carmen's*

But we didn't go to the hospital, we went to this brand new place. but Carmen looked around and said 'Oh we're here. *sigh*'

*Me: let me explain. Jane arranged to book the arena where we show to have a one day clinic for her students showing. We hauled in for the day and practiced our tests in the ring. I brought Quaid along for the experience* 
Back to Quaid

There was a lot to look at, even for a well-traveled horse like me. 

Carmen: *snorts* listen youngster, talk to me when you've travelled from Virginia to Michigan to Texas and to Nova Scotia. 

I followed Carmen into the barn. My stall was between Carmen and a really cute mare called Suzi. She was nice. 

Carmen: don't worry, it will all be fine

I even had my own window. I was very busy all day watching horses come and go and looking outside. 

After a few hours Mom and Julia (Carmen: you mean the servant and the servant's servant) came and took us out and into this huge building. 

I was very good but it was quite freaky. And guys, I think it was haunted

I could see these faint images of horses but I could also see through them. I snorted a lot. I even called to them but they didn't call back. Mom called them 'reflections' but I have no idea what that means. 

It did feel good to be able to move around though. Mom would let me move out and, if seemed too stressed, would bring me down to breathe and calm down. Carmen was with me so that was good. I figured she was brave enough to fight off any ghost. 

Brave little horse in a big world

I also got to visit a place called the 'warm up ring'. What are they warming up? I want to know. 

It was nice to get back to my stall and tell Suzi all about it. 

Later mom took Carmen out and I did not like that at all. I called and called and called. But Julia stayed with me and told mom that I didn't kick or try to escape. After a while I stopped calling because there seemed to be no point. At least I wasn't alone. 

After a million years Mom and Carmen came back. Both were sweaty but seemed happy. 

Quaid: where did you go? what happened? Why did you leave me?

Carmen:  I was showing off all my moves. Some of which mom even wanted. I was magnificent. 

Quaid: oh. Can I be magnificent sometime? 

Mom cleaned our stalls and began to put things back in the truck and trailer. I watched her out the window and called to let he know that we were still there. 

Quaid: don't forget about meeeeee

When Julia and Mom took us out Carmen didn't care about me at all. She just marched out and onto the trailer. Mom even said that she probably didn't even need to lead her. 

I hopped back on the trailer and we headed out. After a bit we were home! I was so happy to be back in my stall. They fed us supper (Carmen: it was late, I am NOT impressed). 

That night I slept really well. You see I didn't nap very well during the day and was very tired. 


  1. Quaid's Big Day Out seems to be a success!
    And nice that you had a good work with Carmen the Magnificent.

  2. Big adventure for you Quaid! What a good boy you were!

  3. Great experience and what a good mentor Carmen is!!


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