dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Requiem for a Hat

 Today I had to finally throw out my favourite hat. 

Back in 2004 the "World Famous Lippizaner Stallions" in Halifax. This is not the Spanish Riding School in Vienna but was a show based out of North America. A friend and I took our daughters and mothers to the show. I remember being impressed with how beautiful the horses were, even when things were not correct. But most of the people in the audience didn't know that and oohed and aaahed even when it was wrong. I probably began to fall in love with the baroque horses at this show. Either way, as a souvenir I bought a hat. 

This hat became my 'horse' hat. I wore it to the barns that I boarded at, clinics and horse shows. 

Carmen's and I first horse show

When we moved to our farm I probably wore it every day to do chores. 

It kept the sun and rain off. 

It became molded to my head and became one  the most comfortable thing I owned. 

hanging in the field with Irish and Steele

'hey where are you going? Come back here!'

at another show with Ms Carmen

our first obstacle clinic

I  had it when I brought Irish home and when I bought Steele.  I also wore it when I said goodbye to both of those beautiful souls. 

sitting with the horses after saying goodbye to Irish

I wore it when Quaid came home to join the family. 

sniffing my hat on his first night home

selfie with the new guy

When people began to tease me about this worn out hat I would leap to its defence. 'it still has tons of wear. And it's so comfortable. "

I sometimes called it my lucky hat. Not that I believed it but it helped others to understand. The truth was it just was part of who I was as a horsewoman. It just felt right to put it on. 

The hat lasted 19 years. Which is amazing when you think about it. But now it's time to let it go. 

And as silly as it sounds, I will miss it. 


  1. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ this. All the great memories associated with a particular item. I have a couple of things like this as well. How lucky are we?

  2. Im getting memories of tshirts passed 😂

  3. In case you need another one ;)


    1. OMG! I didn’t even think of that. You are a really good enabler. 😁😁

    2. I am a dangerous friend to have 🤣

  4. That’s awesome !! The Forrest Gump of hats ! I think it looks good. It still has a lot of life in it, as you said.

  5. I totally get it! I have a raggy jacket that's my spring/fall go to chore jacket that I'm sure I can get a few more years out of!

  6. Ohhh I love your hat, and it's history! Glad you have photos & memories to remind you of all you've shared together.

    1. It’s weird because I never intended that to happen. It just did.

  7. I have a t-shirt like that, it's full of holes but the adventures it's seen! RIP, Best Hat.

  8. That's a very long life for a hat! I don't blame you for feeling sad to let it go... Maybe you should put it in a shadow box. For posterity.
    That show toured in my area when I was a teen. My barn where I boarded had a tack store, and one year they went to that show as a vendor and I got to go and help out. We didn't get to see the whole show, but I was able to peak in a few times and see some of it.


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