dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Farm Happenings

 Life has been feeling pretty good lately and I'm just enjoying it without over-thinking. 

I know, I know, I am surprised too. 

I am finding that I am well-rested and unstressed. I attribute it to being retired and not having all these competing demands for my energy. I am seeing this have a positive impact on my interactions with Carmen and Quaid. Clearly this is to be expected, energy being such a big part of horsemanship, but it is still interesting

green grass and sunshine

Quaid is becoming more like his 'old' self. I attribute it to spending quality time that is not aversive to him.  I find that he's quite fidgety in the cross ties but it's improving. Our sessions are good and he is coming along. I find that he's quite tuned to my body language and that's helping me to see when I am not being clear.  The other day I took off his halter and we played with some liberty work. Although work is a stretch. It's more about seeing if he chooses to stay with me and follow my lead. 

oh hai, do you have cookies? 

I'm not gonna lie, there's something heartwarming about a horse choosing to stay with you rather than eat grass or run away. Especially when it's not because I chased him. 

My rides on Carmen are going really well. So far we haven't fallen into the rabbit hole of resistance. I had the saddle fitter out on Friday. I knew that things were a bit off kilter and I wasn't wrong. She ended up taking the flocking out and re-stuffing it. At the same time we checked out saddle fit for Quaid. It looks like the same brand Carmen has will work (different gullet of course). But it also looks like the Spanish saddle will fit as well once he fills out a bit. That is what I was hoping for because I'd like to start him with that when we're ready. Turns out he's wider than he looks. Based on his parents I expect him to be quite a sturdy guy. 

We bought a new drag for the ring. I wore out the old one and it was quite worn. I love the new one and was surprised and how much better it did. 

I love all the lines. 

Things wear out over time but I am always surprised by that. Like when I pulled up the mats off my barn floor and found that I need to replace a few ones. 
I clearly need supervision

guys, I'm just taking a break. Cut me some slack

I've been working on the separation anxiety. Quaid is doing way better than Carmen. Like way better. But I keep plugging away. It's kind of funny- I bring Carmen out and he doesn't' care. When we get to the barn he sometimes follows us later, usually to take a drink and then wander off again. 

see that brown dot way down in the field? that's Quaid not caring we left. 

She seems a little miffed by that. He worries more about leaving Carmen than her leaving. I am hoping that we can get to a place where I can take one away and not have the one behind stressed out. Other wise I may need to get myself a third horse. *gasp* (don't tell Ed). 

How's your spring going? 


  1. Retired life is wonderful! I am in disbelief when I hear someone say "they don't know what they would do" if they retired. To that I say, "everything you did before, and more ~ without the stress". What's not to love?! Of course we have animals in our lives, and that makes a big difference.

    I bet your animal crew loves have you home more often!

    1. It actually makes me sad when people think work is all they have. Not that it’s not important. I really valued the work I did. And I’m rarely bored.

  2. Quaid has the sweetest face! I will never get tired of freshly dragged ring pictures, something so pleasing about those lines.

  3. Replies
    1. Lol. I’m not there quite yet. I need a grandchild so I can get a pony.

  4. Ha! You have discovered why I have 3 horses!
    When I retired my husband insister I downscale the number of horses I had, which is why Shayla inherited all my broodmares and I started the search for a new riding horse. Took me a few tries and I sure hope I have the right one now.
    Taking breaks is the bonus of retiring! You can take 'em any time you darn well feel like!
    Quaid is so cute following you.

    1. I’m really enjoying the retirement gig. I think Ruby is a good horse.

  5. Sounds like you're settling into your next chapter very well!
    I like having three for that reason. Sometimes I wish I had just two so I could drag them both around with me (exponentially harder with three, though I can't say exactly why), but it is nice to be able to just take one and know the others are there for each other.

  6. I remember how appreciative I was when I first started to stay home when we closed our office. So many beautiful days had gone by through the years, and I was stuck inside at my desk. I felt so free and so excited about all the possibilities. It was 2019, and it was the best year of my life. But I do still miss some of the longtime patients, and wonder how they’re doing.

    Quaid came back around fast, and it sounds like you’ve found a good balance with Carmen. You have a lovely life at your little farm.

    1. There are definitely things I miss from work. The people mostly.


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