dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sharing the Good News

 Everyone has been so supportive and excited for me. Which is wonderful. When I was waiting for Carmen I was excited but it was tempered with a lot of grief and pain. It's nice to have the anticipation without that. It's more like when I was waiting for Steele to arrive. I've been spending the last few days getting things organised for Quaid to arrive. It feels a lot like getting a nursery ready to be honest. Pretty sure that makes me a terrible mom. But the one thing I still had to do was tell the rest of my kids. 

Me: Hey guys, I have some wonderful news for all of you! 

Carmen: does it involve snacks? 

Guinness: Snacks? That sounds good. 

Me: No, it's not food related. I wanted to tell you that we getting a new addition? 

Carmen and Irish: .......

Me: We're getting a 2 year old gelding joining us in a couple days! *voice raises an octave* I AM SO EXCITED. 

The best babysitter

Irish:  A baby? We getting a baby?! That is so awesome. I will take great care of him. I'll show him where all the good grass is and where to find water and the best nap spots. 

Carmen: What do you mean we're getting another horse? You already have me...

Irish: and me..

Carmen: don't interrupt. I see no need for another horse. 

Guinness: has he had the proper clearances?

Me: um, well he had a vet check if that's what you mean. 

Guinness: *sigh* as head of security I should be the first to know about these things. 

Willow: why am I here for this? I have to go patrol the field for mice. *saunters off*

The Girls: *ahem* excuse me but where is this new addition going to live? Our coop is already pretty crowded and you told us we couldn't have the new building. Even though it would PERFECT. 

Me: Well,  he'll be in that 3rd stall beside Irish. 

Irish:  yay!!! He'll be beside me. I CAN'T WAIT. 

*outraged clucking noises as hens confer while shooting me baleful looks* But that is our stall, It's where we nap from 10:30-11 and 3-4. Also our shelter when it's raining. 

Me: well now it will belong to Quaid and you will adapt. Besides, you have your coop, your run, you hang out in the barn, on the deck and range all over the place. 

*more outraged clucking*.........this is an outrage,......I'm not going to stand for it.....if she thinks she's getting any eggs from me after this.....

The girls: well we shall just have to see about this. *as one they turn and sashay out of the barn. 

I can't even look at you right now

Carmen: What is your plan for this horse? Not that I care. Because I don't. 

Me: Well he'll grow up with. us and then he'll learn to be a saddle horse ......

Carmen: for who, exactly? 

Me: well....me?

Carmen: a baby? Really?! 

Carmen: so I am not good enough anymore? You need more? 

Me: no, it's not like that. I love you. It's just that he'll also be here with us. He could never replace you. 

Carmen: don't get the idea that I like being ridden .... *Irish: you most definitely do. you were totally bragging about your 'talent' and how your training her the other day*....But I don't see how you can do this. 

Me: Oh Carmen. Love is not a pie. If I love another horse it doesn't leave less for you, it leaves more. 

Irish: don't mind her, she doesn't want to share you. Even with me. It will be good for her. Now when does my new baby arrive? 

Me: if all goes according to plan, Tuesday. 

Guinness: that explains all the work you've been doing. Well, I will make sure he understands all the rules once he arrives. 

Carmen: I shall reserve judgement then. He might be okay. 

Me: Oh you will love him, I'm sure! 

Irish: I am sure I will. A baby. At my age! Well, well, well. 

Guinness: As a dog, I'm obligated to love unconditionally so.....

The girls: this is NOT OVER

Willow: Still not caring. 

The shipper sent me this: Quaid overnighting in Thunderbay 


  1. "Carmen: Don't interrupt!!" lolololol sounds spot on haha

  2. Love Chapter 1: Preparations of Animal Farm … please chapter 2 very soon! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  3. Lol. You have an opinionated crew! Irish sounds like he will take him under his wing and mentor him. Carmen? I’d be watching my back!

    1. Irish would have been a great horse to transition weanlings. He loves babies. Carmen will pin her ears but be fine. I’m more worried about the chickens. 😁

  4. Preparing for a new arrival is so exciting! I call it nesting, though I'm sure parents of actual human children might disagree that they're the same...
    I'm sure Carmen will enjoy sharing some of the workload when the time comes.

    1. As a person who also had humans, nesting is exactly the right term.

  5. I always wanted a bay. Did you know I traveled all around Germany finding only greys until I finally gave up? Did you have problems with tumors? I have not yet, but Mag doesn't have dark pigmentation like Arabs and German Shepherds should, so I worry.

    1. Bays are lovely. I have always loved bays. Carmen had a mast cell tumour removed from ear. No sign yet of melanoma but it is such a risk with grass.

  6. This is so exciting. I'm sure everyone will adapt and love him. I mean, really, who doesn't love a new baby! I bet Carmen will surprise you and be a good mom and Irish is just perfect to teach him the ropes. Good luck.


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