dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catching My Breath

After Friday's rest I was ready to tackle the weekend. I was glad that I had taken the time to let my batteries recharge because we had some farm chores to do. Fortunately my daughter, Amanda, came out to help by puppy sitting. Otherwise the weekend would have been a lot harder.

Saturday morning I dragged the ring and set up trot poles. After walking the dogs and my normal barn chores I tacked up Carmen to ride. The weather was cool and it started to drizzle but I shrugged and carried on. As expected Carmen was energized and a bit spooky. But it didn't seem to be fear to me - it felt more like she didn't know how to use her energy so she used it by spazzing. I put her up to a canter and she immediately began to blow and relax.

It wasn't an 'easy' ride but it was one where I had a chance to put all my tools to work. With the rain she was not happy- she doesn't like the noise I think. What I was really struggling with was not tensing when she got very tight and tense. After a few flails I realized that I had to focus on not holding my breath. I began to take in deep breaths every time she began to speed and get fast. I actually couldn't attend to other things or worry whether my seat was following or my hands were perfect. I just breathed.

It's amazing how hard riding and breathing can be. But we got there and finished on a good note. I rode for about an hour and we did a lot of trotting and cantering. But she wasn't even sweaty.

Mare is getting fit. Her servant better step up her game
 After my ride Ed and I got the tractor and utility trailer set up. We wanted to clean out some garbage dumps we had found in the woods. I don't understand why people in the past just dumped stuff in the woods but they do. We filled 12 garbage bags and had a pile of metal and tires. Here are some snippets of conversation:
Ed: I found a shoe. I really hope that there's no foot in it. 
Me:  ummm
Ed:  I think I watch too much TV
But we both checked the shoe carefully before picking it up. 

Ed: OW!
Me: Are you okay? 
Broken Glass
Did you cut yourself?
You need to go to the house and wash it out right now. 
It'll be okay
No. You need to wash it so you don't get an infection from bacteria on the glass
It could turn septic. 
What's the worst that could happen? 
You could lose your hand. 
 I could learn to get by with one hand. 
You should know that I am NOT helping you to pee. 
I'm sure I can manage it with one hand

After we went to the nursery and bought two weeping willow trees. There's a spot that gets wet and swampy and I wanted to plant something that would drink up a lot of water.  

That night we went out to dinner with friends and I ordered the steak and scallops special. I was STARVING.  I had a good sleep that night. Which was good because there was more stuff to do on Sunday....


  1. Haha I love those conversations, sounds like something me and Neil would say to each other

  2. Your conversations with Ed sound shockingly similar to my conversations with Myles... haha. And isn't it amazing what people will throw in the woods? Just throw it in a trash can!

    1. Ha! we are very similar. I don't understand it why people would dump stuff in the woods. Some of it had been there a very long time!

  3. Ooh good call on the willows. Also lol at those conversations. That's totally how I see minor wounds unfolding too. But OMG you could lose your hand!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope that they work out. And minor wounds from broken glass in the woods. Who knows what cooties it could have!

  4. Piles of garbage in the woods drives me crazy. I always wonder why someone would go to all that effort to drag it out there when they could have just as easily, or even easier really, taken it to a local dump? Ugh.

  5. Who dumps stuff?! That's awful. Love the convo with you and Ed haha. My husband and I watch a lot of crime/medical shows so we would have the same thought about the foot too!


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