dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Irish and I Plot to Steal a Pony

Remember a little while ago I went to visit a friend and ride Carmen in her ring? Well this weekend she brought her Welsh Cob pony to my place.

I love Welsh Cobs and I really hope that I can have one some day. In the meantime I'm enjoying blogs of the fun others have with welsh cobs (such as T and Cob Jockey). M drives Maggie and she wanted her to experience new places.

what is not to love? 
They had arrived before I got home and I drove in to see Maggie being ground driven around my yard and my two darlings quite excited by the whole thing. There was a lot of prancing. Irish is hilarious- except for here, he's always lived with a bunch of other horses. But whenever he sees a new one he loses his mind.

Carmen danced around for a bit and then decided that it was all very boring and went back to grazing.

Irish couldn't take his eyes off of Maggie:

He just had to show off his fancy moves:
is she looking? I think she's looking? I better show off my fancy trot.
And LOOK- we have the same colour bell boots- it must be fate. 
When the cart was hooked up he almost fainted. 

OMG, she's so talented

Me, I was much cooler. I was just trying to figure out how steal her. I mean how much fun would this be?

I don't think that Carmen shared our enthusiasm:

Irish: Isn't she pretty?
Carmen- she's kinda short
Irish: Short and perfect. And look at what she can do.
Carmen- meh, it's not that impressive. Look, she can't even see with those things on her bridle. 
Irish: maybe she's going to live here! 
Carmen: No. Just no. 
Irish: it would be so much fun. We could all play together. 
Carmen: There's not enough room...
Irish: we have that extra stall and...
Carmen: no, there can only be one grey mare on a farm. 
Irish: Really? 
Carmen: Yes. It's a rule: grey mares (big ones, not little teeny ones) are so perfect that only one can be on a farm. 
Irish: but she's so cute. Look mom is smitten too
Carmen: I see that. I shall explain to her later how she's wrong. I require all of her attention. 
Irish: but....
Carmen: NO

Poor Irish and I. Her owners loaded her back into the trailer and took her home while they could still get away we watched with a tear in our eye. 


  1. Such a cute pony!! I can see why Irish was smitten. I'm sure that Carmen will have a talk with you later ;)

  2. Oh my! I can see why you and Irish were smitten 😀

  3. Love it when the smitten geldings reveal their inner stallion. Welsh Cobs are adorable - what's not to love!

  4. Love the little cutie. I can see why Irish was smitten. I'd love to have one at home with me too.

  5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's pony. Ha ha!

  6. Hahaha that's so cute! He does look very interested in the pony!

    1. If only he had that kind of attention in the show ring.....

  7. Beat you to it, only much smaller version. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. And you're so right, to much fun.

  8. IRISH IS GORGEOUS! We need more Irish posts.

    1. You love him because he has an arab look to him ;)

  9. That pony would not be safe with me :)


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