dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where the Wild Things Are

The rainy weather broke today and the sun came out. When I came home from work Ed was starting supper.
I said 'Do I have time to ride before?
He replied 'no Can I help honey? Just leave me here to cook while you ride. ' But he had a smile on his face and I took off out to the barn.

Carmen was a bit put off that there was no supper- just a saddle and a hustle up to the ring. But she was with me 100% right from the beginning. Despite how blustery it was. Just before I went to get on Royce called. How's 6:30? He asked.
I'm just about to get on
Okay, you ride and then I'll come around and do some later. 
I hung up the phone.
Who was that?  Carmen asked suspiciously.
Oh nothing you need to worry about I said as I led her to the mounting block.

I got on and we went to work. And she was right with me. Even as I struggled to remember how to ride in my dressage saddle. Despite the wind that was blowing everything. She did all that I asked. If I didn't know better I would have thought that someone had given her a tranquilizer. It was like, after the rain experience nothing else was going to phase her.

I stopped after about 30 minutes and she was so very mellow it was kind of freaky.

tired pony is STARVING cannot.walk.one.more.step.
I gave them their food and quickly called Royce. I advised him to start without me if I didn't get there right away. I unloaded the feed from the truck and then went into the house and  gobbled supper down (it was delicious) and then ran back out. Royce wasn't there yet so I quickly dragged the ring (I like to drag it after the rain). I was hitching the muck cart up when he came. I quickly emptied it and then hurried into the barn. He had Carmen in the aisle. She looked at me Can you please explain to him that I have already worked and that he can go home now?
It will be fine I said  you'll see. 
I better get extra carrots for this! 

While they went up to the ring I began to  tack up Irish.

Oh, I get to play too? He was so excited to be joining us that it was kind of sweet. 

When I came up to the ring Royce and Carmen were having a grand time. He told me that she was being awesome. I rode Irish around and he was having a grand time. I could hear Royce whistling as he rode. Carmen had her ears up and they were playing around us. Good girl I heard him say. I heard that!  I yelled. He laughed at me. 

Next thing I know the gate is open and they are headed out. I called and asked him if he wanted us to go around the field and into the woods.  With that we headed out. Irish ears were up and he was quite perky. Let me lead the way, I know where we're going!  We headed around the field and then into the woods.

Carmen stayed behind us. We didn't go far in- I have to get to do some trimming, but the point wasn't how far- it was getting her to work and listen. There were a few discussions- the path is a stream when there's a lot of rain so there were some pools of water. She wanted to jump it and Royce wanted her to walk.

I turned Irish around so I could watch. He was a bit confused as to why we weren't going on our usual trail. As Royce and Carmen came down he started to head up into the woods. But it wasn't a good spot and he started to climb up on a boulder.
Um, what are you doing?
Taking us on a trail ride, you're doing it wrong. 
Can you get off of this boulder. We're not doing the full trail. 
What's the point of this? 

We then turned around and Royce had Carmen lead us out of the woods and down along the fence line. He was explaining that because he tendency would be to jump towards the fence he keeps the rein against her left neck and slightly bent towards the fence. That way he can stop her before they wreck. We then went through the gate and down towards the manure pile. Carmen did not want to go through so he backed her a bit and then took her through. We played up and down this road and then headed back to the driveway. There's an old half-barrel there that the previous owners put their garbage in. Carmen thought it was quite spooky so Royce took some time and worked her by and towards it.

Irish and I stood and watched.
Irish: This is fascinating! 
Me: I know. She's doing so well. 

We then went up the driveway and Royce let her canter up and we cantered behind. Then down around the the other field and up to the ring. I was concerned that Irish might spook at the far end because the property owner was doing something with a machine but he was good. We went into the ring and he asked to canter right off and she did. We followed him in and then he dismounted and walked her down. I was lazy and rode Irish down. Royce was very happy with her- she was tight and it wouldn't have taken much to set her off in the woods but he rode her through it and she had a good experience. That's what will teach her to trust.

He looked so happy to be part of the training.

I hosed off both horses and then realized it was time for their night feeding. I cleaned up the barn, put stuff away, bedded them down and went into the house where I collapsed on the couch tired and happy.

I may need to sell a kidney but it's totally worth it.


  1. Whoo hoo, go Carmen and Royce! And sounds like you had an amazing ride too. Carmen looks very stylish in her bonnet!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day of training!

  3. Good days like that must make you feel you've found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Was that her first trek in the woods?

    1. Yes it was her first time and you described it perfectly

  4. Well that sounds like an awesome day!! Good girl Carmen :) those tired happy crashes onto the couch are the best!

  5. It makes sense that training on "bad" weather days would make a nice day seem easy. I used to hire a trainer to take my horses to her ranch for a week every spring. She'd work them all day on roundups in the mountains. When they came home, they were so happy with the easy life, they were golden all year until the neXT spring.

    1. Now that's a plan- send the horses to the ranch!

  6. Totally worth it! Who needs an extra kidney! Sounds like so much fun - I love working outside the ring :)

  7. Totally worth it! Who needs kidneys anyway?

  8. My horses also like to claim they're starving all the time. Despite two of them being very fat. Carmen is looking great.

    1. Poor Carmen- i actually had to tighten the girth an extra hole. She does her best to keep herself fed.

  9. That's awesome! She'll be both an arena horse and a trail horse in no time. I'm amazed at what you can get accomplished around dinner time when you're not the one who has to cook. Every once in a while my barn chores take a lot longer than expected, and when I get back to the house I find my husband home from work brewing up something in the kitchen. It's so nice to just be able to sit down for a few minutes at that time of night.

    1. Sometimes it doesn't work out we're on our own for supper. Usually then my supper is toast or cheese and crackers. :)

  10. Sounds like another amazing day! If only I could rent Royce to help me get my pony better at shows ;)


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