dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hi Folks,
d'Arcy here.

Lately this blog has been all about Carmen. There's been far too much equine angst and not enough canine calmness, if you get my drift. I decided that I needed to take things into my own paws and lighten up the mood around here. After all, it's Oakfield Farm, not Carmen-land.

I concur
Now everyone knows that Border Collies are the smartest dogs out there.

umm, excuse me? 
*ahem* who has the keyboard here?

Well, anyway, we love our humans but we know that they are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, am I right?

Like the other day, Mom was going out to work with that Carmen (when will she figure out that she's got it good here and get with the program?).

As usual, Belle and I were locked in the house. I'm not allowed up in the ring anymore. Mom says that it makes me sore because I run around too much. Which shows how little humans know- I run during the day and am sore at night.  There's no way that's related because it doesn't happen at the same time. But there's no explaining stuff to humans. They don't listen.

As I was saying, she left us in the house. But then I noticed that she hadn't put the cat gate across the door far enough (I've heard her call it a baby gate but that makes no sense- there are no babies here!). The gate keeps Belle and I from enjoying the food that the cat's leave. Which doesn't seem fair because the cats are welcome to eat any of the food that I leave (Belle: they can't have mine). 

The cat gate has left me just enough room to squeeze into the room. BONUS. I figure that a snack of cat food would take away the pain of rejection. I was just getting started when I heard the door open.

Oh oh. She forgot something (dogs never forget things. If we can't find the bones we buried that only is because we are just that good at hiding stuff).  I realized that I couldn't sneak out before she saw so I drew on my BC genius and hatched a brilliant plan.

Just as she was looking for me I let out my a small bark.
d'Arcy: help
Mom: d'Arcy? 
d'Arcy:  yes. I'm trapped! 
Mom: what are you doing in the room. 
d'Arcy: you locked me in here.
Mom: you're eating the cat food, aren't you? 
d'Arcy Nope. You totally trapped me in here. See- you don't even notice me anymore. you should feel bad about how you ignore me

And that, folks, is how I totally pulled the wool over her eyes.

Humans. You have to love them but it's a good thing that she has me around. No wonder people without dogs look so lost.

humans - they need us


  1. You are right on ALL counts D'Arcy! Thank goodness she has you around to keep the farm running properly. Keep up the good work.

  2. That expression in the last picture could go viral with all kinds of saying on it. Love it!

  3. Adorable pups! Gotta love those herding breeds! :)

  4. LOL. D'Arcy is a smart one! That picture is priceless. You should sell it on one of those digital photo sites!

  5. D'Arcy is a gem. Good thing this pup is smarter than you and keeps you on your toes. Love that last picture!

  6. Thanks guys. d'Arcy is a wonderful dog -smart, goofy and loving.


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