dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, May 20, 2016

Good Grief

It started with me posting a photo on FB.

It was this one from the clinic last weekend:
My friend, Holly is part owner of a Tack Shop. She sent me a message that went something along the lines of "I love you but you need to get a new helmet. Your western style helmet does not go with your stunning Spanish Mare" 

And she's right. My helmet is aging and it needed to be replaced. However, that is easier said then done. I have learned to dread helmet shopping almost as much as saddle shopping.

Today I was at a one day labour conference. These are useful but when I'm at one of these I drink far too much coffee and enjoy too many pastries (apple strudel with chopped walnuts, scones, muffins, sigh). At lunch time I ran out and drove to Holly's shop. I knew she was away at a show but thought I would see what they have.

Can I help you? says this nice young lady. I smiled at her hopefully.  I need a helmet, Holly sent me. 

But, I said I am very difficult to fit. You see I have this weird shaped head. 

She looked at me and smiled. I've heard that before  said that smile. Just leave it with me. 

I tried on my first helmet- too much room on the sides and too tight front to back. Fast forward 20 minutes, numerous helmets and many experiments with padding adjustments and this lovely young lady is no longer looking quite so optimistic. I can see her silently agreeing that I do, indeed, have a weird shaped head. She truly did all she could- we had opened tried all the available options.
I believe that my head is large front to back and medium side to side. 

"I'm sorry" she says "Maybe when Holly is back she can help you" 

I returned to my conference just as they were starting back up. Lunch was put away which I figured was fine since I had eaten far too much already. But I saw that there were still desserts left so I grabbed on to drown my sorrows. Since there was no lunch there's not much I could do about it is there?

If anyone has suggestions for helmets made for weird shaped heads and do not require me to sell a kidney in order to afford it, please let me know!


  1. I have a head that is long front to back and narrow side to side. The only helmets that I find fit me are the IRH brand. They do have different styles at different price points. I have literally tried every brand on the market, regardless of price or style, just out of curiosity, to see what fit best.

  2. I also have an oval head and Tipperary helmets work really well for me. If you're not quite as oval you could try OneK or the Oval OneK

  3. I also have a long head that is not wide and the IRH helmets fit best. They're not that expensive. I also get by with a tipperary helmet for schooling with some creative padding.

  4. I actually loved my Western style helmet for years. The color matched Harley, and he is a QH anyway. ;)

    I replaced it with a Tipperary, which is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. Good luck!

    1. I don't mind the style but it doesn't fit well.

  5. No suggestions, just wanted to comment that dessert > helmets, anyway ;)

  6. I hung onto my very old Charles Owen helmet because I couldn't fit my oval head. But eureka!!! The OneK defender is a happy fit for me. It looks great, and it has great vents. It's not dirt cheap, but it's less than half the price of the fancy helmets.

  7. Along with everyone else: The IRH fits me pretty well, but the Ovation is the best. And like you, the Tipperary DOES NOT fit me at all.


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