dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cow Pokes

Sorry for the radio silence the past week or so. Ed and I have been travelling. We were out in the mountains of BC for a wedding:
The wedding Venue at Emerald Lake Lodge
After some fun days visiting with family and celebrating young love we headed south to Arizona where we met up with our friends Cynthia and Andrew. We spent the first part in Sedona and visited the Grand Canyon. Let me go on record that you should go to Sedona. The views are breath taking and it's a hikers paradise. We then headed to the San Tan Valley (where we are now). 

Riding in the desert has always been on my list of things to do (won't call it a bucket list). Cynthia's husband suggested that he and Ed should go with us on one of our treks. I found a great place close to us (MD Ranch) and after speaking to the owner and looking at the horses, Cynthia and I booked the ride. 

Right up to the last minute Ed was thinking we were joking but Andrew insisted that it would be fun for all us. Which is pretty impressive for a guy that's allergic to horses. It might have been the allergy medication talking. But we were mounted up and headed off. I really liked the horses. Mine was a palomino mare and she was so smooth that I would have bought her and brought her home if I could have fit her in my luggage. Irish might not appreciate having 2 mares though...

such a great view

yes I know that we are not wearing helmets. 

You can see that after we are all smiles. I really enjoyed the walk in the park even though it was quite windy. I was speaking to our trail guide asking each other about hay and horse keeping in our two locales.

Today Cynthia and I are dropping the guys off at a golf course and headed to Saguaro Lake for another ride in the desert- 2 hours this time.


  1. Looks like a beautiful ride. You're like me, I get attached to whatever horse I ride and want to take them home. There's nothing better than riding in the desert! Have fun on your next one!

  2. Looks wonderful! I heard Sedona was pretty but also heard a lot of yuppies there? Nice place to ride, I wanna go there now ;)

  3. Ha ha! I always want to take the horses I rent on trail rides home with me. It's such a treat to ride an experienced, docile horse that doesn't mind one bit if you are just a passenger enjoying the view. That wind was nuts, but you definitely came here during one of the nicest weather/temperature weekends we've had in a long time. How did the Saguaro Lake ride go?


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