dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trailer Shopping

It's weird how things work out. I don't ascribe to the 'everything happens for a reason' but sometimes things happen in very weird ways.

When I was making my plans to start showing Steele I decided that I wanted to sell my trailer and get something larger. I had a nice little tag along European trailer. It was great to have and easy to haul:

However, I was getting tired of having to find places to change at horse shows. It was either in a stall and I had to keep an eye out so I didn't traumatize any innocent horse show dads/boyfriends/male riders; or it was in a bathroom stall and I had to be careful to not drop my stock tie pin in the toilet (don't ask what happens if you do drop it, some things are better left unknown). I decided that I wanted a trailer that would allow me to get dressed in privacy and reduce the visual carnage on others.

I listed the trailer and had ZERO interest. A couple tire kickers contacted me but they were not serious. Then Steele died. I did have someone contact me after he died and I think that they were serious but I wasn't in a position financially to upgrade (with replacing him and all the expenses that came with his death) so I took it off the market.

I used it last year and started saving. It was fine because Carmen and I weren't ready to show. I started thinking that I should list it this spring when I was contacted by a person I knew who had heard I might be considering selling. I gave her information and next thing I knew I had a deal. In the same time I had a few other inquiries. And it wasn't even listed. It seems weird that it sold as easy as that.

So my little red wagon left yesterday. It's gone to a good home but I did feel a pang when it left. I remember getting it and how thrilled I was to have my own wheels. Irish and Carmen watched it go from the top of the field.
Carmen: What's she doing with the trailer? 
Irish: don't even look. If you make eye contact they think that you want to go on it. Next thing you know you're on the road. 
Carmen: Good point. We should stay up here. 
Irish: Exactly. Just close your eyes and pretend to sleep. 
Carmen & Irish: zzzzzzzzzzz
Irish: stop peeking! 
Carmen: sorry. 

Now I have to find something to replace it. Here's the dream:
It would be incredible to have a trailer with living quarters. But it's not in the budget (at this point) and it's probably not really necessary for my plans. Although I could make the field of dreams argument: if I had it I would travel more. But it's still not in budget.

So dressing room for sure. And I think I want bumper pull because I've never driven a 5th wheel. Slant load? Straight load? How to decide? My first steps will be to go take a look and see what's out there.

What do you have and why do you love it?


  1. I really like my Miley 2 horse slant bumper pull; the horses are comfortable & it hauls easy. I can pack everything I need for both horses (plus extras like a tank of water & bale of hay) & still have room to dress in the front tackroom.
    Mind you, my version of 'dressing' is quick changing out of wet or muddy clothes & if I come out brushing hay or dust off my arse it's no big deal to me.

    I suspect that someone going to fancy shows (where clean & tidy counts & you probably need a mirror) would prefer a proper LQ, the extra cost of which could be offset as what you would have spent on hotel rooms unless you're a 'camper', that is).

  2. Congrats on such an easy sale! My coach has something pretty much identical to the bottom trailer...pros: tons of storage and room to bring everything, plus living quarters! Cons: the thing is huge, finding a good place to park it is difficult, and driving it in the city takes a lot of confidence! If I could choose, I'd get a nice 2h angle haul with a large tack room area, but I did like the straight haul we used last week (Trails West Royale). Nice to be able to load and then walk through to the front tack and out that door rather than messing around adjusting dividers with the horses in there on the angle haul

  3. Trailer shopping will be fun. I see nice used trailers with living quarters go for sale every so often. I've thought about getting one some day so my husband and I can take the horses on road trips and explore trails in different states, but there are also lots of bed and barns out there that we could stay at with our current trailer. I like the slants, but that's all I've ever had

  4. I have a 2h straight load hawk with dressing room. I really like it though Nilla objects to the straight load part so we may have to swap to a slant in the future. The dressing room is great for storing stuff, but I have to say it's very cramped and with all the windows in the dressing room I have to be careful about whose around or duck down anyway. So I often end up changing in a bathroom if the show has one.

  5. I have a two horse straight load gooseneck. So easy to haul. Has a dressing room and area to shove a mattress in to sleep on. I like the straight load for my horse because it gives him way more room and I can get him in and out easily in case of an emergency :)

  6. Trailer shopping is the funnest. I know a lot of people prefer straight hauls, but I also know a lot of them prefer slant-loads. If you can get one that has a dressing room and an area to sleep, that'd be so awesome!

  7. I hope to be trailer shopping soon! I've heard that gooseneck trailers are easier to back up. I LOLed at the bit about changing at shows (and not traumatizing dads/brothers etc)! :D

  8. We have a four horse slant goose neck and we love it. There is plenty of room in the tack room for changing and we have a mattress on the goose neck part from when Brett used to camp with Flash. I will say, though, that I find it extremely intimidating to haul (so I don't). I wish we had a 2 horse sometimes so I could zip around but we can't afford two trailers.

  9. If you can find one out your way, we have a 3 horse RoyalT. It's all aluminum - it only weighs 200 lbs more than our 2 horse MorganBuilt did. Plus it's extra long - I can put 4 horses in if I take the dividers out. AND the tack room is huge - large enough to sleep in. When we went to look at it, my friend Sarah and I made it as far as the tack room and fell in love. When my Husband asked if we wanted to see the back, we both said, "I'm sure the horses will be just fine...." And they were. The dividers are lovely and easy to use and the trailer is very well constructed.

  10. I have a two horse bumper pull with a dressing/tack room. It's a WB size, because my giant beasts won't fit in anything normal sized. It does what it's supposed to do and it's easy to move around and hook and unhook. Plus, I got for really cheap on Craigslist!

    I have a phobia about dropping things in the Spot A Pots at horse shows. I'll actually pee in the woods or the trailer before I go in one of those things!

  11. Thanks for all the feedback. There's a lot to consider.

  12. I hope you find the right trailer for your needs. I could just see Carmen with one eye half open.

  13. I pull a 3 horse gooseneck with living quarters (a weekender they call it). It was more affordable than you would think. I paid just under 30K and financed it for 6 years (with a $10,000 down payment). It was less than a car payment.

    A gooseneck is MUCH easier (and safer) to pull than a bumper pull. It's also a lot easier to back up. Buying used will save you TONS of money, but you don't necessarily get to pick the features you like.

    I used my trailer when I was still competing in endurance races where a hotel is not available. At first I felt guilty having so much trailer for showing, but it is proven very useful. I camp it in for over night shows and clinics, and it is GREAT to have a clean place to change, as you mentioned.

    It's also smaller than you might imagine. Since it's a slant load with a rear tack, it's only 34 feet long from nose to tail, shorter than a big stock trailer. It's very compact, but I get a lot of bang for my buck. It might be more money than you want to spend, but there are a lot of good deals out there, especially if you get a weekender package, it might be more affordable than you think.

    Good luck! :0)


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