dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taming the Beast

No not these ones:
"what do you mean by 'beast'???
I mean this one:

It all started because I realized that the snow was staying soft and fluffy. Which means that it's good for riding. I mentioned this to Cynthia and we decided to try it today. As I was puttering this morning I thought that it might be a good idea to clear a path to the ring. 

I tried the tractor first but I realized that that wasn't going to work because of the hill I have right out off the barn. So I read the instructions and got our snow blower started. I naively figured that since it's 'self-propelled' all I had to do was steer. 

It's kinda like wrestling with a bear. A slow, ponderous and not inclined to work bear. It's not very maneuverable and my start was very slow. I couldn't really get it clear the snow going up the hill so I grabbed the shovel and cleared that path. Still I had to go forward, reverse, go forward, reverse. 

Slowly we made our way up the path. I gradually figured out how much pressure it needed to keep gong and when to stop and reverse. About half-way it occurred to me that it might just actually be easier to shovel it. But by then I was feeling stubborn. 

Irish and Carmen watched in horror as this snow flinging monster with me behind it cursing approached them. I don't know if they thought I was driving it or trying to wrestle it to the ground. At times I wasn't sure myself. 

There was some squealing, some running around, some flinging of snow. 
Not all by the horses. 

I kept advancing and soon the end was in sight. About 2/3 of the way I realized that if gently wiggled it back and forth a few inches it propelled a lot easier. The easiest way to do that was with my hips against the handle. 

I really hope that no one saw me. I have no idea how that might have looked to casual passerby. 

I finally made it to the end and did a dance of triumph, like I just scored a touch down (which pretty much sums up all my knowledge of football). I then turned around and came back down. It was so much easier with the down hill and the mostly cleared path. All I had to do was widen it. 

When I put the snowblower back in the garage I was a sweaty and exhausted.

I hope that it was worth it. 

I started down by the barn


  1. I've found that the only good thing about snow blowing is that the engine noise is loud enough to drown out the screaming, cursing fits it causes:).

  2. "It's kinda like wrestling with a bear." *chuckle*

    But think of the workout you just got, right? Okay,sorry, instead add a little Baileys to your coffee this morning to take the edge off and visit those horses :D

    1. tonight baileys and hot chocolate will be my drink of choice. :)

  3. Hmmm...that was good exercise. I wouldn't want to do it. Did you get to ride?

    We used to have snow like you...the pretty stuff. Now we have rain and melting snow and it all looks gross. This is my least favorite stage of winter. And, it's slick. I would like to turn back the clock to the pristine beauty of fresh snow. I hope you get lots of pictures riding in it!!

    1. Who knew that snowplowing was an aerobic exercise?

      We don't get fluffy snow too often- it usually turns to ice quickly. I'm hoping it hangs around.

  4. Good job getting it done! Sounds like quite a challenge!

  5. "hips against the handle...how it would look to passersby"

    I giggled quite a bit at that. I've never used a snowblower, but 'wrestling with a bear' was a great descriptor!


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